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There are few things more disturbing than having a rat loose in your home.

No matter what some Pixar movies try to tell you, these animals are not cute nor lovable nor great at cooking.

They are really just very gross, sometimes carrying disease and pretty much always scaring the crap out of all they scurry past.

So we certainly don’t blame the woman in the following video for doing all she can to rid her home of a rat who has found his way up on a living room curtain rod.

He’s just running all around up there, having the time of his life.

So, with her kids and her cat standing by, the woman grabs a trash bucket and a dust pan and she sets off to work.

She hopes to just sweep the unwanted guest into the bucket, but she’s having a lot of trouble.

She has to resort to a tiny sand shovel at one point. And she falls down often.

But she does keep at it, doing the best she can…

… until her efforts prove futile, the rat gets away and ALL HILARIOUS HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Watch this video to see what we mean: