Tom Hanks Challenges Ellen DeGeneres to a Pixar-Off

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Tom Hanks is a multiple-time Oscar winner who is beloved for such roles as Forrest Gump and that dude in Castaway.

Ellen DeGeneres is an Emmy-winning talk show host who has emceed awards shows and judged American Idol.

But to most kids around the world, Hanks is simply known as Woody from the Toy Story franchise, while Ellen is known as Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Yup, both of these stars are members of the Pixar family.

Tom Hanks on Ellen

So when Hanks stopped by Ellen on Friday afternoon, he had no choice but to challenge the comedian to what we think is the first-ever Pixar-Off.

At least we think this was the first-ever Pixar-Off. Feel free to tell us we're wrong.

Who came out on top?!?

It wasn't really that sort of competition.

Instead, Hanks had audience members close their eyes and pretend they were in a room with Woody and Dory. Yes, that means you, woman in the audience! Close your eyes!

What would their exchange be like? Woody would be all worked up and Dory would be very forgetful.

Tom Hanks Makes a Face

Hanks, who is working on Toy Story 4, also talked about the stresses of voice acting, such as the constant clenching of one's diaphragm.

It's not exactly fun to say the same words and phrases over and over, either.

No, these aren't the biggest complaints on the planet. But the following exchange does provide some insight into the whole voiceover universe.

Earlier in the week, Ellen cracked us up when she visited a mall with Britney Spears...

... and moved us to tears when she helped bring Katy Perry together with an Orlando nightclub shooting survivor:

We adore Ellen. She's the best.

Check out her latest celebrity back and forth below:

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