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Perhaps the strangest look at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28th was JWoww’s attempt at emo-goth.

As the Jersey Shore alum posed with her best friend, Snooki, fans couldn’t help but mistake her for a malnourished vampire, or even the poor mans’ Kat Von D.

Snooki, bless her heart, came to JWoww’s defense, explaining to TooFab that the mom to Meilani, 2, and Greyson, 3 months (dad is hubby, Roger Mathews) was nervous.

JWoww VMAs Red Carpet 2016
(Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

"She’s been preparing for the VMAs for forever," Snooki said.

"She wanted a new sexy look, she wanted to get back to her JWoww sexy look with the boobs out."

OK, fair.  She just had Greyson back in May, and sister wanted to get her groove back.

She couldn’t do that with a spray tan and the ‘tude that we’ve grown to love?

"She honestly looks better than she’s ever looked ever," Snooki insisted.

"I’m so proud of her, she works so hard.

Be that as it may, JWoww posed on the red carpet looking like she was in a bit of pain.

JWoww Snooki VMAs 2016 Red Carpet
(Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

"People did not like her look, I thought she looked hot, she had the new sleeve," Snooki said, referring to her tattoo.

"I think it was the way she posed. I told her to smile. She gets nervous for those things.

"She was showing me all nice poses and then she went on and [blank face] I was like, ‘Why do you look so angry?!’"

"I think if she smiled, she would have had a better reaction," adds Snooks. "She needs to smile, calm down!"

For her part, JWoww shared a message with fans expressing how great she felt on Instagram.

"I have never felt more beautiful. My body did amazing things giving birth to my two beautiful children," JWoww wrote on the day of the VMAs.

"Even though I may have been thinner prior to them… I never reached this level of love and appreciation for my body that I have until today.

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"During my pregnancy with Greyson, I told myself I want to get back in shape for myself, my family and for all the women out there that think after having kids they can’t love how they look.

"I am going to continue to kick ass for all the moms like me that had insecurities after their pregnancies and think they can’t ever get back to where they were.

Don’t ever look in the past.

Look in the future with your beautiful babies and know you can have your body back but the ‘better version.’  The version that carried your perfect babies! 

"So, I’m here to say you need to love ounce of yourself… Every stretch mark… Every part of you that makes you, YOU. I am thankful for my journey getting to this point and every goal I hit after."

Watch Snooki (and her super-inflatable lips) defend her friend in the video below.