Toddler and German Shepherd's Bedtime Routine Will Blow You Away

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There are few more precious pieces of footage on the Internet than videos that depict the relationship between a very small human being and his or her pet.

Consider this look at a dog barking and a baby laughing uproariously.

Or these photos of a dog and his small owner taking a nap together.

But, trust us, you've never seen anything like what we've discovered below.

It's a video of a toddler named Alexander and his German Shepherd named Baron.

According to the video's description, what we see here takes place every night... and what we see here is truly remarkable.

First, Baron helps Alexander clean up his toys.

Then, Alexander and Baron both say a few prayers.

Then, Baron gives Alexander some kisses and tucks him in to bed. He makes sure his best friend in the entire world is all snug and comfortable.

Then, Baron leaves the room, but not before turning off the lights so the little guy can sleep. Seriously! For real! We are not making this up.

Alexander’s mom, Linda Gonzalez, is the founder and owner of Hill County K-9, a pet training service in Oceanside, California.

This helps explain Baron's incredible training to some extent, but some of it has to do with his sweet nature and overall feelings for Alexander. How can it not?!?

"He's pretty smart,” Gonzalez told The Huffington Post in April of Baron.

That may very well be the Understatement of the Century.

You'll feel the same after viewing this bedtime routine. It's amazing.

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