Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids: Can A Woman Be President?

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Sometimes if you need a straight answer on something, you turn to children.  

Children don't sugarcoat things, so they were the perfect focus group to test out the notion of a female taking the oval office.  This is exactly what Jimmy Kimmel, inviting two girls and two boys to discuss their thoughts on putting a lady in the white house.

One kid, Jayden emerged as the class clown (I use that term loosely, as Jayden was unimpressive).  He wasn't keen on the idea of a female president, nor was he much for education.  Basically, Jayden bothered me.

After Kimmel took the temperature of the room, he invited presidential candidate Hillary Clinton into the room.  Everyone but Jayden recognized Clinton, which was to be expected.  

Clinton, ever the good sport, asked the children what they would like to see change with a new president.  The answers were primarily about free stuff, or "handouts," as Kimmel pointed out.  One kid wanted free food at restaurants, while another wanted free toys from stores.

Jayden requested that he not be required to go to school.  Ever.  His reasoning was that he was smart enough to teach himself.

Both Kimmel and I would like to see where young Jayden is in 20 years.

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