Tim McGraw Collapses on Stage; Faith Hill Announces End of Concert

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Country singer Tim McGraw was in the middle of a live performance when he collapsed on stage.

He was unable to continue with his performance, and his wife, Faith Hill, came out to break the news to the audience.

What happened? Watch the video below to find out.

Tim McGraw Performs at 52nd CMAs

Sunday night, Tim McGraw was giving a performance in Dublin, Ireland.

Some may be surprised that Country music has fans outside of the American midwest, but they're actually in a lot of places -- Ireland included.

People reports that the singer, age 50, had just finished performing "Humble & Kind" when he collapsed on stage.

Specifically, Tim McGraw fell to his knees in front of the audience and then took a seat.

That's alarming for his fans to hear, but must have been horrifying for Tim McGraw's audience.

Tim and Faith

As you can see in the video below, McGraw's wife, Faith Hill, came out on stage to break the news.

(A couple of years ago, it was reported that McGraw and Hill were headed for divorce, but they're still happily together)

But it was not, she explained, any cause for alarm.

"He's been super dehydrated," she told the crowd.

She then took the blame for the concert ending early.

"I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out onstage."

Tim McGraw Performs Live

The hypermasculine imagery of Country music culture would usually prevent a man from making a smart choice for his own health without losing status in the eyes of his fans.

So Faith taking the "fall" for that decision isn't surprising.

The crowd chanted "We Love Tim" for a while.

Faith Hill went on to sing an a capella version of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" to the crowd.

Then the lights came on the fans were ushered out.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Perform at CMA's - 2014

According to Tim McGraw's representative's statement to Rolling Stone, Faith Hill correctly identified what had caused Tim McGraw to collapse:


"Tim McGraw was suffering from dehydration in Dublin this evening at the C2C show."

Dehydration sounds like a minor situation, but it can absolutely cause someone to need to bow out of work -- especially when that work involves performing on stage in front of hot lights.

"He was attended to by local medical staff on-site and will be fine."

That's usually the prognosis that you expect when someone has been dehydrated.

"He and Faith thank everyone for their love and support and look forward to seeing their Irish fans again soon."

He'll probably have regrets that he had to cancel, but you have to make the right call for your health.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Waving - 87th Oscars

An audience member named Del Crooks told the BBC:

"I thought he was taking in the applause while sitting down after singing 'Humble and Kind.'"

Audiences seldom realize at first what is a stunt and what is a medical emergency.

"But when a spotlight was switched on him, he was slumped on his knees on the left hand side of the stage."

That's horrifying. Anyone else remembering Wendy Williams' on-air collapse?

"The light was quickly turned off and you could see his crew helping him off -- and the band ran over as well."

Tim McGraw should have plenty of time to rehydrate, as People reports that his next concert is scheduled for May 31st and will be in Richmond, Virginia.

It will be part of his Soul2Soul tour.

Take a look at this video from the audience of Faith Hill speaking to the crowd:

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