Faith Hill & Tim McGraw: Headed for EXPENSIVE Divorce??

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When you're a celebrity couple who've been married as long as Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have, you've lived through many a tabloid divorce rumor.

Star Magazine: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Divorce

In fact, after nearly 20 years together, the two probably read them to each other as bedtime stories and share a good laugh.

The latest report comes from Star magazine, who alleges that Hill "treats Tim like a dog" and the pair are "living separate lives."

“Tim and Faith have had their ups and downs, but it’s never been this bad before," a source tells the tabloid.

"No one in their inner circle would be surprised if this was the year they ended things altogether. At this point, it’s just a matter of who would file for divorce first.”

The article also cites McGraw's "wandering eye" as a source of tension, because it just ain't a proper celebrity split if the man ain't cheatin'!

The country power couple are said to be worth $135 million, so their divorce attorneys must really be kicking up their boots in celebration.  

Back in 2013 the National Enquirer ran an eerily similar story of the couple's "$135 million divorce," complete with quotes on McGraw being "treated like a dog" by Hill - but this time he was all googly-eyed over Taylor Swift.  

As believable as it appeared, the reports turned out to be false, and were soon followed up by rumors that McGraw was gay

Sounds like the tabs are running out of stories for these two.

Don't be surprised if we soon hear reports that Tim's having an illicit affair with a 35-pound transgendered chicken named Sue.

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