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The following video is graphic in nature.

It was taken by a surveillance camera in China, one stationed atop the street of a drive-thru safari.

The nature of this kind of safari is pretty self-explanatory:

Customers pay to stay in their car and drive around local roads, peering out the window at various kinds of animals.

On Saturday at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing, however, we see a young woman get out of her family’s vehicle and walk around to the other stand.

She then stands there for a few moments.

Just as it looks like she’s about to get back into the car, a tiger leaps out of the woods and drags her away.

A man (presumed to be the woman’s father) jumps out of the driver’s seat and starts to run after his daughter, frantic and unsure what to do.

Another woman, who TMZ reports to be the first lady’s mother, also gets out of the car and chases after the tiger and her child.

All three people were off camera when, officials say, another tiger attacked and killed the mother.

Authorities are looking into this horrible tragedy.

It took place several weeks after a gorilla was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo because a toddler broke into the animal’s enclosure.

The incidents aren’t exactly the same, but they do go to show the dangers of being anywhere near a wild animal.

We send our thoughts and prayers to the members of this family.

If you so desire, click PLAY below and see how this fatal incident took place.