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It’s hard to imagine anything more cringeworthy than watching Donald Trump stand on a stage and run his mouth.

Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine it, because the video exists — and it stars his least favorite child, Tiffany.

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Tiffany Trump is 27 years old. Unlike her more criminally oriented siblings, she has not been involved in her father’s administration.

Over the years, her infamous father has tweeted more times about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson than he has about Tiffany.

For whatever reason, she took to the stage at an event for LGBTQ+ supporters of Trump. Her audience may have numbered into the dozens.

Tiffany Trump at Fashion Week

We’re not usually ones to accuse Donald Trump of putting a great deal of thoughts into something, or of "thinking" at all.

But in this case, it is easy to imagine him coming up with a way to put his contempt on display.

After years of stripping away LGBTQ+ protections, from schools to immigration to federal employees, the natural next step was to send his least favorite child as his envoy.

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The small crowd at the small venue hall was polite enough while Tiffany donned a pink dress and took to the stage to shimmy.

While she danced poorly to "I Got A Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas, which was an interesting choice.

Then came the speech.

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"It’s such an honor to be here and speak truthfully, honestly and from my heart," Tiffany announced.

She insisted: "I know what my father believes in. Prior to politics, he supported gays, lesbians, and the LGBQIA+ community."

Tiffany forgot the "T." If this were JK Rowling, we’d say that it was on purpose. But contrary to his harmful policies, it’s believed that Donald Trump has no personal issue with the trans community.

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His policies, however, have put trans lives in danger from coast to coast.

Trans folks are also included under the "Q" in the acronym, so .. we’ll chalk that up to a slip of the tongue.

"And people who unfortunately see social media, see these fabricated lies. It saddens me," Tiffany claims.

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Tiffany continues: "I have friends of mine that reach out. They make up stories. ‘How can you support your father?’" 

"Since being a businessman, he speaks from the heart, he says what he says," she rambles.

Tiffany then says: "Perhaps it’s a little too hardcore or honest but don’t we want someone who is going to get up there and speak." Whatever that means.

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The most jarring part of the speech was that it took a matter of seconds for her to go from shimmying to the AIDS crisis.

Tiffany pointed to her mom, Marla, saying: "Back in the Broadway days, some of her best friends on Broadway, unfortunately, one of her best friends passed away from AIDS."

"What I think is so powerful when my father says there will be a cure for AIDS, there will be, God bless," she says.

Tiffany Trump at NYFW

"My dad doesn’t look at someone and say based on who you love," she rambles.

Incoherently, Tiffany continues: "there should be love for all, one love, openly love, c’mon we’re all people, we’re all humans, right?"

"I feel so much love in this room," she adds. "It’s easier for me to talk in this room than a lot of places I do go around."

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"I pray truly with so many people against us," Tiffany says.

"That happens when you go against the establishment, big pharma, tech monopolies, the deep state," says the daughter of the literal sitting president. "They don’t like change."

Quick note: the United States does not have a "deep state."

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"See through the lies. I’m here speaking. I wouldn’t lie to you. I promise," Tiffany blathers.

The whole thing has been widely ridiculed on social media, with many saying that Trump must be desperate to try to include his least favorite child in this way.

Others just think that it’s sad that she would link herself to his campaign just weeks before — hopefully — he is defeated.