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A belligerent woman stopped her car to scream racist buzzwords at a homeowner who showed passive support for Black Lives Matter.

When she tried to get physical, all that he had to defend himself and his home were his wits, his quick feet, and … a garden hose. Just watch:

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Many of us have been in a car and looked out the window to see something that we don’t want to see.

For most of us, the object of our anger is not an extremely popular civil rights slogan that only asks for an end to the extrajudicial murders of Black Americans.

But when one woman drove through an Austin, Texas neighborhood and saw a Black Lives Matter flag, she didn’t just become livid — she acted out.

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She stopped her car — parking it in the middle of the neighborhood street.

At this point, she reportedly began screaming at the resident who had the sign up in his yard.

The blistering tirade of hateful nonsense went on for a reported 30 minutes. Her rant included screeches of "white lives matter."

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Some people’s knee-jerk reaction to hearing "Black Lives Matter" is to retort with "all lives matter," a phrase invented solely for the purpose of drowning out BLM.

As such, "all lives matter" is something of a racist dogwhistle used to signal malice and prejudice.

But "white lives matter" isn’t a dogwhistle. It’s just a whistle, and it tells everyone in earshot that you are a white supremacist.

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A half-hour racist rant from a lunatic is already a bad thing.

However, as you can see in these gifs, the woman got out of her car, having worked herself into a frenzy that could not be settled with words.

The homeowner stared down the aggressive woman in an intense standoff on his lawn.

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