The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7 Trailer

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Mother dearest? Or mother... fear us?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7, Damon and Stefan will be a united front. They will have one mission and one mission only on their minds:

Convincing Lily that Julian is bad news. Terrible news. Really, the worst news possible.

Based on the following promo, it appears as if the brothers Salvatore will apprehend their mother in order to make this point, reminding her of some painful childhood memories in the process.

Will this be enough to get through to Lily? Is there any way at all that she would turn on the supposed love of her life?

And what is the "dark secret" Lily will reveal to her sons that may change the game, according to the official CW synopsis?

Look for Enzo to challenge Julian to a duel on this installment, while we also learn exactly how Lily and the Heretics have chosen to protect their patriarch.

Elsewhere, Matt will find himself in the middle of a deepening mystery involving the residents of Mystic Falls, as we saw on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 6 when he witnessed a classroom full of compelled students.

Also: Caroline’s world will be turned upside down when Valerie reveals some life-changing news to her. 

Yup. We'd definitely call the carrying of your friend's twins in your womb as "life-changing news," wouldn't you?

Check out the following footage now and see why Damon thinks this will be the "best Thanksgiving EVER."

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