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Those of us looking forward to this blast from the past were overjoyed last month when we saw the first official trailer for The Hills: New Beginnings.

It was the first teaser for this much-anticipated revival.

Now, there’s a new trailer. Brace yourself for an overdose of nostalgia, folks — and for the promise of something new.

"It wasn’t the end of the book," the title cards in the new The Hills: New Beginnings trailer teases.

"It was only the end of a chapter," MTV assures viewers.

The new one-minue trailer for The Hills teases a lot of what’s coming up.

A lot of familiar faces are back, leading very different lives than they were before.

But we also get a glimpse at some newcomers to the group who are going to fit in just fine.

We see Audrina Patridge, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, and Brody Jenner hanging out.

Though the trailer does not yield much context for their conversations, it seems clear that they’re rekindling old ties.

Hopefully, everyone is wiser these days instead of just a decade older.

But not too much wiser — because it takes a certain degree of clownery to make a reality show entertaining.

Oh, and speakings of clowns … Heidi and Spencer are definitely part of the trailer.

Photo via MTV

These two are the first to acknowledge that their realities are wildly different than they once were.

"Life has drastically changed," Heidi says.

We see her and Spencer embrace … while Heidi is carrying their baby on her back.

That’s right, they welcomed their "miracle baby" Gunner back in October.

Their days of lavish and reckless spending, blowing through millions until they go bankrupt, are hopefully other.

These days, they’re earning reality TV checks for three.

There are also the newcomers.

Mischa Barton is no stranger to fame — or to drama.

She rose to fame on The O.C. and was a regular fixture in the celebrity gossip world for ages.

Brandon Thomas Lee is also joining the series.

He’s one of Pamela Anderson’s two unreasonably handsome sons, and we think that he’ll fit right in.

Brandon is no stranger to drama — just last year, he allegedly knocked his father out cold to defend his mother’s honor.

That’s not the extent of the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings, of course.

Other cast members are Stephanie Pratt, Frankie Delgado, Jason Wahler, Whitney Port, Kaitlynn Carter, Jennifer Delgado, and Ashley Wahler.

Whitney recently opened up to E! News about how torn she felt about returning to the franchise.

"It was a really tough decision for me to make to go back to The Hills," she admits.

"Honestly, I was scared," Whitney confesses. "I’m 34 years old now, I have a child, I have my husband."

She has "relationships that are really meaningful to me."

"And," Whitney explains. "I didn’t really want them exploited or messed with."

Real talk: they’re definitely pushing everybody’s nostalgia buttons as hard as they can.

That’s sort of the point of the show. That, of course, and helping Spencer and Heidi create a college fund (or buy more crystals, whichever).

But will The Hills work again in 2019, when every day’s news is filled with political and environmental horrors?

Maybe a distraction that takes people back to simpler times is just what some viewers need.

We’ll all find out this summer! Check out the trailer for the premiere date!