The Hills Reboot: It's Happening!! Who's In? Who's Out?

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We suppose it was only a matter of time before TV moguls started taking a cue from their counterparts in the film world and began recycling old projects for new audiences.

It started with your favorite three-camera '90s sitcoms, and now the reboot trend has expanded to reality TV.

And it should come as no surprise that MTV is leading the pack, as no one at that network has had a new idea since the Clinton administration.

First, it was Jersey Shore, and now The Hills is coming back for a brand new season pointlessly subtitled New Beginnings.

It's hard to know if this will be a hit, as the premise of a dramatized reality show about young rich people isn't as novel as it was in 2007.

At the same time, it's not a huge shock that MTV is willing to try it, or that the cast wants in ... because what else do they have going on?

Just like their East Coast equivalents, however, it seems not everyone from the SoCal squad is ready to return to a life in front of the cameras.

Here's what we know so far about the returning cast, who we might see, and who we definitely won't ...

1. LC See Ya Later

LC See Ya Later
The first question on the minds of most fans is whether or not Lauren Conrad will be returning to one of the two shows that made her famous. (Lauren was also a Laguna Beach OG.)

2. Dilemma

It's hard to imagine The Hills without LC, but it's also hard to imagine Lauren -- the rare reality star who actually found post-show success -- involving herself in the drama that made the show a success.

3. Bowing Out

Bowing Out
Those who know Lauren best say they're not surprised the businesswoman and new mom has decided not to participate in the reboot.

4. Moving On

Moving On
"She’s in a different place in her life,” a source tells People magazine. “But she wants everyone to enjoy themselves. She wishes everyone the best.

5. New Priorities

New Priorities
“She loves being a mother and focusing on her family and on her work,” the source adds. “She has a very full and happy life.”

6. No Need For MTV

No Need For MTV
The news doesn't come as much of a shock. Lauren stepped away from The Hills in the show's final season, and in the years since, she's become one of those Jessica Simpson types who makes more money selling handbags and crap than she ever did on TV.

7. Who's In?

Who's In?
So if LC isn't coming back, who is? Well, fear not, early-2000s nostalgia fans! It looks like most of your other favorites will be making a return trip to The Hills.

8. Returning to Port

Returning to Port
Whitney Port recently confirmed on Instagram that she definitely will be coming back to the show.

9. Whitney Confirms

Whitney Confirms
Whitney posted this photo, along with a caption reading, "Throw back to my first VMAs look. Good thing I get to go back and make up for my insane looks on #thehills on the NEW HILLS REBOOT."

10. Audrina Signs On

Audrina Signs On
Audrina Patridge will also be participating in New Beginnings. But it seems that her decision to return to TV has prompted some major controversy.

11. The Patridge Family

The Patridge Family
Audrina's estranged husband, Corey Bohan, is apparently concerned that his 2-year-old daughter will be "exploited" by Patridge.

12. His Daughter, Kirra Bohan

His Daughter, Kirra Bohan
“I refuse to think it’s ok for our 2yr old daughter Kirra Bohan to be shown & exploited on Reality TV. Not just my child by anyone’s for that matter,” Bohan wrote on Instagram this week.

13. He Really Likes That Name

He Really Likes That Name
“I Stand up for what I believe in. This post isn’t an attack or negative rant. This is about our daughter Kirra Bohan," Corey added.

14. Doing What She Wants

Doing What She Wants
But it seems Corey's objections won't be stopping Audrina from cashing in on her reality TV fame yet again.

15. Kristin Is OUT!

Kristin Is OUT!
Kristin Cavallari also won't be returning to The Hills, but as with Lauren, her decision comes as no surprise.

16. Mrs. Cutler

Mrs. Cutler
Like LC, Cavallari has built a family -- she's married to NFL quarterback Jay Cutler -- and a successful business franchise in the years since The Hills went off the air.

17. That's a Maybe From Brody

That's a Maybe From Brody
Sources say Brody Jenner is "possibly" returning to the show, but has yet to sign on the dotted line. This could go either way, as it's not like he needs the money.

18. Big Wahler

Big Wahler
Other lesser-known cast members like Jason Wahler and Justin Bobby will also be returning to the show. Of course, it's not like they have much else going on.

19. The Pratts are Back!

The Pratts are Back!
Fortunately, the most consistently entertaining members of the original Hills cast WILL be com ing back, as both Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have agreed to film another season. We guess Pratt's crystal empire isn't making him as rich as he'd hoped.

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