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The tears are about to flow for Becca Kufrin … and you don’t need The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you why. It’s getting intense, people!

Down to just three potential husbands, the pressure will mount significantly for Becca on the July 23 episode of this beloved ABC franchise.

And, sadly, Becca will blame herself for some of the difficulty she is having in trying to decide who she wants to propose to her.

Becca Kufrin Breaks Down

"I’m just questioning what the hell is wrong with me when I have a great guy in front of me who’s doing everything I would want, who’s telling me everything that I’d want to hear," Kufrin says in the confessional featured in the clip above, wiping away tears.

We aren’t about to give away now to whom Becca is referring in the video posted on this page. (See link above for that info.)

It’s evident, however, that Kufrin will be having an existential internal debate over something that transpires during this installment.

"I just want to shake myself and be like, ‘This is what you’ve always wanted — what’s wrong with you?’" Becca says, adding:

"I feel terrible, but I just know what’s right for me."

Becca K.

That’s all one can really do in her position:

Whatever feels best in the moment.

The remaining trio of contestants – Garrett, Blake and Jason – will be heading to Thailand tonight for the always-adventurous fantasy suites.

Will each go all the way with Becca?

Will any of them go all the way with Becca?

Again, Bachelorette spoilers aren’t necessary to find out the likely answer … which is yes. Not judging, but very likely yes.

Garrett and Becca Photo

And maybe even more pressing to ask:

Is Becca still with the man she chooses on the season finale?

"I am engaged," Becca said in a recent interview with People TV.

"It feels so good to say it, and you know, this time, I feel like it is going to stick."

"It’s been a whirlwind," she added. "It’s crazy, but it was so worth it."

We really do with Becca the best.

This season has been on the slightly boring side, but that’s largely because Becca is just so very nice.

We hope she finds somene who treats her right.