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As with any season, there have been plenty of Bachelorette spoilers, rumors and teasers leading up to the finale in a few weeks.

Specifically, however, there’s recent chatter that leading lady Becca Kufrin will change her mind after the finale and change fiances.

How’s that for irony?

We all know what happened on The Bachelor, so the idea of Becca pulling an Arie after the same thing happened to her is choice.

Some supposed insiders have claimed that Kufrin has started to feel regret regarding the choice she made at her final rose ceremony.

According to The Bachelorette spoilers kingpin Reality Steve, though, she may well have regrets … but there’s no sign of a switcheroo.

Not yet, at least.

Becca K.
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, spoiler alert … Jason Tartick, Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen are the final three men standing this season.

Becks is set to oust Jason this coming week, then picks Garrett over Blake and will be leaving the Maldives engaged to him.

Then comes the big speculation, especially given the controversy regarding Garrett’s social media activity prior to the series.

Without a doubt, that poses an obstacle for a duo that – like any other to leave the show engaged – faces steep odds already.

But it hasn’t broken them.

Becca on the Farm
Photo via ABC

Becca and Garrett are still together and engaged, according to Steve, who has heard nothing about a breakup between the pair.

Moreover, he’s heard nary a word about Blake Horstmann since the finale wrapped, so it seems unlikely that they’re still in touch.

"Nowhere in that story," Steve writes of the report," does it ever say that she actually is going to or has pulled an Arie."

"Nowhere," he repeats. "It’s not in there. It’s click bait to get you to read. Becca has not and is not going back to Blake."

Garrett, 29
Photo via ABC

Of course, that only pertains to whether they’re broken up right now (they’re not) and whether Blake is involved (he isn’t).

Doubts she may have in the aftermath of the season, perhaps upon realizing that Garrett is not what she envisioned?

That’s a viable hypothetical, and will sure make for an interesting end to the summer, as Garrett’s apology isn’t going to cut it.

Becca seemed to back him up in her many damage control comments throughout the season, but the worst is yet to come.

Garrett Yrigoyen with Becca
Photo via ABC

His prior Instagram posts may not seem like a big deal, but it sheds light on what appear to be major differences in values.

Moreover, not all fans read or fully believe The Bachelorette spoilers, so him winning may still come as a surprise to many.

Those fans may then learn about the Instagram scandal for the first time, as the media will certainly waste no time bringing it up.

Yeah. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

The scrutiny is always intense when it comes to Bachelor or Bachelorette winners, and this increases tenfold After the Final Rose.

For Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen, expect a lot of hard questions, which may push them to the brink of a breakup.

Unless she pulls an Arie, of course. Not that we’re expecting that by any means, but … hey, we weren’t from Arie either.

Okay, we sort of were. But just saying.