The Bachelor Sneak Peek: I'm F--king Done!

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The Bachelor has narrowed the field to 12 women after four episodes, and some of the surviving dozen are cracking under the pressure.

With an epic twist still to come (according to The Bachelor spoilers), you can cut the tension with a knife on the ABC hit lately.

The Bachelor: Chelsea from Maine

According to the network's official synopsis, Chelsea (above) receives the first one-on-one date this evening in Ft. Lauderdale.

A luxury yacht awaits, but will her suspect past doom her chances of walking back onto shore with a rose and continuing her journey?

Meanwhile, eleven women split into two teams for a day of competitive bowling - and a private after-party awaiting the champion.

Chelsea Roy, as we know, is a single mother who has told Arie Luyendyk Jr. about her son. That part shouldn't faze him at all.

However, during dinner, she'll share an emotional story with Arie about her past that might change the equation quite a bit.

Arie The Bachelor

The other one-on-one date goes to Tia Booth - a major contender, Bachelor spoiler insiders maintain - at the Sawtooth Park Reserve.

There, in the Florida swamps, she too reveals something daunting about her past which could torpedo the duo's romance right there.

Later, the women decide to confront one of the women about her behavior at the cocktail party. It's a pretty easy guess who.

Krystal Nielson reportedly boycotts the cocktail party in favor of "throwing a fit in her room," which doesn't go over too well. 

Arie spoke to Krystal about her struggles last week, during which we learned that she's insecure and feeling bullied on set.

The Bachelor: Krystal

We'll see if she survives another week. 

Ditto Arie's youngest competitor. Last week, we learned that Bekah is so damn young, Arie thought about ending it right there.

He didn't, but the age factor isn't going away, and you can bet that she will be among those particularly on edge this evening.

With three more women set to go home, and a trip to Paris on the line following this rose ceremony, there's no room for error.

Check out a sneak preview of this evening's show below for a glimpse of some of the fireworks that await Bachelor Nation:

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