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On this week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the entire cast was still reeling from Teresa Giudice’s tantrum.

Luis Ruelas admitted that it was the worst that he had ever seen her, and even her friends and family were at a loss.

Despite having been the target of Teresa’s fury (and mini-food fight), Margaret Josephs sat down to dinner again the next night.

Unfortunately, after issuing a non-apology, Teresa went after her again — this time, bombarding her with cruel body-shaming.

Teresa Giudice had very clearly not calmed down when she showed up for a delicious BBQ dinner.

While Tennessee isn’t really the go-to place for Southern BBQ (you want North Carolina, Texas, or Louisiana), it gets the job done.

Dolores Catania’s well-prepared evening was soured, however, and it all began with Tre’s non-apology.

Instead of apologizing for her inexcusable antics, Teresa chose to say that she had been "provoked."

Her issue has been that she has repeatedly expressed outrage at Margaret, accusing her of judging Luis by what she’s read and not getting to know him.

However, as Traci Johnson so accurately asked, how exactly can someone get to know Luis if they’re not allowed to ask him questions?

Margaret resented that Teresa hadn’t really given an earnest apology.

Teresa’s sympathizers — her brother and Jennifer Aydin, mostly — felt that it was a decent apology for Tre, and showed "growth."

When it was pointed out to her that Margaret didn’t feel that it was a real apology, Teresa said that it was more of an apology to the "group," not to Margaret.

Attempting levity after this, Margaret quipped that she "wore everyone’s dinner," referring to Teresa’s messy tantrum.

“I didn’t eat dinner last night. I know Margaret did,’ Teresa jabbed strangely.

She added: “She always eats dinner.”

“She makes sure she always eats. … She does, she does!” Teresa insisted.

Jackie Goldschneider, who has been open about her eating disorder struggles, spoke up for Margaret.

She told Tre: “I don’t love the way you treat my friend."

Teresa spat back: “I don’t think your friend is a good person."

She then demanded: "She needs to apologize to me.”

Asking Margaret to apologize after this conflict is … quite something.

Jackie, who cried on screen while discussing her disordered eating with her husband, was right there the whole time.

Skipping meals is not a normal or healthy thing to do, and also nothing over which to brag.

That Teresa would act like Margaret eating meals is shameful instead of both normal and healthy … well, we already knew that she had a few screws loose.

This is actually not the first time this season that Teresa has gone after Margaret with body-shaming remarks.

When Margaret declined to wear Teresa’s leggings, Tre quipped: “If she had my leggings on, her ass wouldn’t jiggle so much."

An odd way to promote a supposedly "inclusive" brand on reality TV, don’t you think?

In addition to the generally reprehensible way that Teresa was treating Margaret, her comments also show her age.

If this were 1994, Teresa’s comments about Margaret’s butt would fit the cultural mainstream.

At that time, having anything but a tiny butt was commonly a cause for mockery, particularly among women.

But we’re talking about moments that were filmed, what, in late 2021?

Having a butt that visibly jiggles, especially through pants or leggings, is something that some people get surgery to attain.

Is Teresa’s body-shaming coming from a place of outdated body standards (mixed with malice) … or does it come from a place of jealousy?