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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends.

But we’re talking about the real most wonderful time of the year here, the time when the latest season of Teen Mom 2 wraps up …

… and the new season of Teen Mom OG begins!

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie
Photo via Instagram

We get all the intense drama that comes with the season finale with Jenelle, Kailyn, Leah and Chelsea and their chaotic lives.

At the same time, there’s overlap between them and the OG girls, Amber, Catelynn, Maci and Farrah, who finally come back!

To celebrate this monumental occasion, we have a new teaser for the return of Teen Mom OG (for Original Girls, not Gangstas).

It’s not much – only a few seconds of cute footage of the kids, none of those delicious messes we’ve become accustomed to.

One notable thing stood out immediately though:

There’s no Farrah Abraham! At all!

We see Maci Bookout playing with her baby, Amber Portwood driving around with Leah, and Catelynn Lowell kissing her precious little toddler.

We do see a shot of Sophia at the very beginning, but for some reason, Farrah is persona non grata from the inaugural trailer.

Did MTV finally listen to the multitudes of fans (at at times, her own co-stars) who wanted them to take her off the franchise?

Or, conversely, did she leave the show herself, as she has threatened to do, finally realizing the crushing weight of her own awfulness?

Or did the production crew simply fail to get one cute shot of Farrah and her daughter, or edit her out due to time constraints?

Guess we’ll have to wait until April 17 to see, but we’re guessing there will be plenty of Abrahams when all is said and done.

Ratings due keep shows on the air, right?