Teen Mom 2 Recap: Javi May Actually Be an Insane Person

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Last night on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans' son Kaiser started preschool, while his dad Nathan shared some seriously shocking news.

Meanwhile, if Javi Marroquin wants to convince us he's not your stereotypical jealous ex-husband, he may want to hire a PR agency.

When Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 11, "Cherries and Flowers," got started, trouble was again brewing between the former spouses.

By the conclusion, Javi and Kailyn Lowry were on the cusp of an all-out brawl, which puts so many recent real-time events into perspective.

After all, Kailyn is pregnant with her third child, and hasn't said who the dad is, which was not public knowledge when this was filmed.

All the time, tensions with Javi were boiling over.

Last week, we saw Kailyn portray Javi as a home-invading psycho, and then, Monday night, he seemed straight out of central casting.

In the final seconds, Javi was seen storming into Kailyn’s house without so much as knocking as “to be continued” flashed on screen.


Safe to say whatever is "continued" next week doesn't look promising for the parents of Lincoln, who (like Isaac) is the victim in this.

Even Jo Rivera and Isaac seem to be scared of, or at least unsure what to make of, Javi now, and Javi was once the stable one. Wild.

In other crazy ex news, Nathan Griffith seemed positively out of his mind this week as he told Jenelle Evans she could have full custory.

Yes, he was just going to give up custody of Kaiser.

Why? Because Nate wants to move to Europe, obviously; David Eason, now Jenelle's fiance, said he would adopt Kaiser if need be.

Nice as that is, you don't just go and do that; David would have to be married to Jenelle and they’d have to be cohabitating for awhile.


Fortunately, David seems more pulled together than Nathan. Granted, the bar was set low, but Jenelle needs all the breaks she can get.

As for his grand plans of moving to Europe, just this weekend Nathan was banned from his gym for body-shaming a trainer, so ...

Yeah. Looks like that didn't happen and he's still a dick.

Kaiser, for his part, started preschool this week, and in South Dakota, Chelsea and Cole tied the knot before expecting their baby boy!

Chelsea didn’t allow MTV cameras to film the ceremony, nor the day after the wedding, because she said she and Cole would be busy.

That's a polite way of saying slapping bodies, and more power to her. If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know she flies under the radar.

Chelsea and Cole Pic

Finally, Leah Messer prepared for a new chapter in her life as she applied to college, and she got accepted, which is terrific for her.

She’s no longer pursuing education in cosmetology, though.

Leah has expressed an interest in writing, so she said she may major in communications instead. Which also sounds awesome.

The only thing, of course, is time. And money. And effort. It's going to be tough to put forth enough of any of the above to make it work.

When you're a parent of three little girls, it's a grind - both as a parent, and even more so trying to do anything for yourself as an adult.

We wish her the best as she attempts to find that balance!

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