Taylor Swift Hurls Shade at Kim Kardashian, Sends Positive Message to Fans

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Taylor Swift is back, folks.

In every sense of the word.

The singer kicked off her Reputation Tour on Tuesday night in Phoenix, meaning she's back in the music business.

But she's also back in the celebrity gossip realm, as Katy Perry actually reached out to Swift earlier this week, sending her a literal olive branch and ending their feud.

Taylor Dances!

However, while this rivalry appears to be dead, the bad blood (get it?!?) between Swift and Kim Kardashian remains.

As we're sure you recall, Kardashian and Kanye West exposed Swift as at least somewhat of a liar about two years ago, posting a phone conversation between Taylor and Kanye in which the former was caught in a fib.

She granted West permission to sort of mock her in his track "Famous," despite protesting this mockery in public after the song came out.

At one point in her passive aggressive takedown of Swift, Kardashian described the artist with a snake emoji.

Since then, Swift has adopted the snake emoji as her own, using it to fight back against all haters.

Taylor Swift on Reputation Tour

And this brings us to the opening night of her new tour.

Aside from decorating the stage with various types of snakes, Swift sat at her piano prior to singing a song and said the following to attendees:

"A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media and it caught on. Then a lot of people were calling me a lot of things on social media and I went through some really low times for a while because of it.

"I went through some times when I didn't know if I was going to get to do this anymore."

Swift never said Kardashian's name, but she did continue as follows:

Taylor Swift in Phoenix

I wanted to send a message to you guys, that if someone uses name calling to bully you on social media, and even if a lot of people jump on board with it, that doesn't have to defeat you.

It can strengthen you instead.

And I think something that came out of it that was good is that I learned a really important lesson that I've been telling you from the stage for about 10 years, but I never had to learn it so harshly myself, and that lesson has to do with how much you value your reputation.

I think the lesson is that you shouldn't care so much if you feel misunderstood by a lot of people who don't know you, as long as you feel understood by the people who do know you, the people who will show up for you, the people who see you as a human being.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to get to know me, for seeing me as a human being.

Profound stuff.

Watch Swift touch on this subject below:

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