Taylor Swift Drops New Music Video! Listen to "ME!"

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It. Is. HERE!

Following several weeks of hype and anticipation, Taylor Swift fulfilled her promise at midnight Pacific Time on April 26, releasing her first new song and new music video in quite a long time.

The track is titled "ME!" and it features Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco.

Taylor Swift Music Video Photograph

"ME! Is a song about embracing your individuality, and really celebrating it, and owning it," Swift said while randomly appearing on ABC;s coverage of the NFL Draft.

"I think that with a pop song we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people's heads and I just want it to be one that makes people feel better about themselves."

That's a welcome departure from Swift's past revenge singles, if you want our opinion on the topic.

In this same interview, the artist gave props to her VERY loyal supporters, saying on air:

"The fans are amazing. I can not believe how dedicated they are, how thoughtful. I can't believe how much they care. So it makes it more fun for me to create music, to create music videos knowing that they'll care about little Easter eggs or clues or hints."

Taylor Swift in Sydney

The video (posted on this page!) opens with a scary snake slithering through the street.

This is undoubtedly a reference to how rival Kim Kardashian has slammed Swift as a snake in the past.

However, the snake then turns into butterflies... the rest of the footage is far happier and has a whimsical tone.

And fans seem pretty psyched over the positive theme of this video. To wit:

swizzle response

The question now, of course, turns to when Swift will release her next studio album.

It will be the seventh of her illustrious career and her first since "Reputation," which was released in November of 2017.

This album went triple Platinum and was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 61st annual Grammy Awards, yet it wasn't as well received as some others in the singer's impressive catalog.

That is for another day, however.

Taylor Swift Stage Dance

For this day, we finally have a new Taylor Swift song to enjoy -- and a video to go along with it!

Check out the latter now.

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