Tasha Rosenbrook Refunds Fan Donations, Says Leida Has Destroyed Her

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Two months ago, Tasha Rosenbrook bravely asked for help as Leida Margaretha destroyed her life for a second time.

Fans opened their hearts and wallets and donated, but now Tasha has announced that she's refunding them.

Why? Because Leida has won. Tasha can't keep fighting.

Tasha Rosenbrook and Roommate Jan

Leida Margaretha marched into Tasha's home and took everything from her -- not only her father, but her apartment.

Tasha had to move, and she spoke her mind -- on 90 Day Fiance and on social media.

Leida retaliated by securing a restraining order against Tasha for "harassment."

That means four years before Tasha can even try to bridge the gap that Leida created between father and daughter.

Fans of Tasha's, plus people who just hate Leida, contributed to her GoFundMe to help her fight the restraining order in court.

Tasha Shrugs on 90 Day Fiance

In a new video shared on social media, Tasha explains why that legal battle has come to an end.

"We are here to update you finally on what’s going on," Tasha says. "Unfortunately, there’s no good news here."

"So firstly, I would like to say that yes, the money from the GoFundMe did go towards the lawyer," Tasha clarifies.

"But she refunded all the money that we gave her," she reveals.

Tasha explains that this happened "because she decided to withdraw from my case about two weeks ago."

Leida Margaretha on 90 Day Fiance

Tasha explains the attorney's decision: "she felt like she didn’t quite have what it took to do a restraining order case,"

"And not only that," the video notes. "But in order to reopen the original case we’d have to appeal to a higher court."

"Which," it is revealed. "Would cost almost $10,000."

"It’s not that we didn’t have new evidence to present," Tasha's roommate Jan explains.

"Tasha doesn’t have the money," she says plainly. "That’s a lot of money."

Tasha Rosenbrook

"We are giving everyone the chance to request their refund from the GoFundMe," Jan continues.

"Tasha doesn’t have thousands of dollars to take this to the state level and get new evidence presented to a new judge," she explains.

"But that doesn’t mean she’s not going to try to get her security deposit back, Eric," Jan warns.

Tasha lived in the apartment before Eric moved in as a roommate and ultimately forced her to leave to please Leida.

That's not one side of the story -- horrified viewers watched Leida gleefully make that arrangement on camera.

"I’m not happy about it," Tasha expresses. "I’m not withdrawing because I want to."

90 Day Fiance Tasha vs Leida

Another obstacle is that the statute of limitations on harassment has passed.

"Too much time has passed," Jan says. "And there hasn’t been any bashing of Tasha that we know of on social media."

“It’s not because we weren’t trying," the video clarifies. "It’s just things weren’t working out."

"We can and can’t quite look at other lawyers," Tasha admits. "Because honestly, between Jan and I, we’ve called about 50 at least lawyers in the area."

"No one really wants to take the case," she laments. "Mainly because of social media."

"And also because there really aren’t a lot of lawyers willing to do harassment," she adds, noting the exception of more expensive lawyers.

Eric Listens on 90 Day Fiance

"It’s just a mess," Tasha bemoans. "It’s going to cost thousands of dollars for the new retainer if I wanted to reopen the case."

"And then it’s going to cost who knows how much more for a new lawyer too," the roommates fear.

"Plus if I found a lawyer outside of my county," Tasha notes. "I’d have to pay for them to travel."

"It’s just not worth my mental health anymore," she expresses.

There's more than one way for Leida to win.

If Tasha is (more) broken emotionally and financially, that's a win for Leida.

Leida Margaretha is self-aware

We should note that, though Tasha has fared the worst since Leida began lashing out at her "enemies," she's not the only target.

In recent months, a number of Instagram accounts have become targets.

According to complaints lodged by Reality Diggers and others, Leida has been reporting any mention of her as "copyright infringement."

This is a powerful tactic for silencing any criticism or mention of her.

Reporting someone for harassment or impersonation can take ages. But social media platforms are terrified of copyright lawsuits.

Leida has been chasing these blogs into hiding with her reports. And Instagram has rewarded her with the blue check mark of verification.

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