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Part of what makes 90 Day Fiance such a titanic success is that fans are often divided about the stars and couples.

Tarik Myers and his brother, Dean Hashim, are fan-favorites, in part due to their commentary on Pillow Talk.

Now, Tarik is back for Season 8 of the show that started it all, and he and Hazel Cagalitan are starting their life together in America.

But Tarik and Hazel’s desire to add a girlfriend and form a throuple has some fans doubting that they will ever work out.

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Tarik is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Hazel is from the Philippines.

Despite a number of cultural differences, the two of them fell in love, and now Hazel has come to the US on her K-1 visa journey.

But recently, Hazel has spoken up about being bisexual — and Tarik has fully embraced her identity and praised her for being herself.

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Hazel has spent her entire life in the closet, citing her very conservatively religious parents.

She even worried that they might hate her if she came out. As such, she only ever dated men, keeping part of her identity hidden out of self-preservation.

But with Tarik, she can not only openly be herself — she can get a real girlfriend.

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After a temporary breakup that Hazel and Tarik had in the past, Tarik dated a woman from Thailand named Minty.

When he and Hazel got back together, Hazel expressed interest in trying out being a throuple with Minty.

However, due to a language barrier (both Tarik and Minty speaking Thai) and Tarik and Minty’s history that did not involve Hazel, she felt excluded. They broke things off with Minty.

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Now, she is in Virginia Beach and she and Tarik are interested in finding a girlfriend.

This makes their storyline the first in 90 Day Fiance history to feature polyamory — a plural relationship including three or more partners.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans are very excited for Tarik and Hazel’s journey and for this milestone on the show.

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Some fans have questions, doubts, and concerns.

First of all, some people are unaware of polyamorous relationships — such as the throuple that Tarik and Hazel are seeking ("throuple" being a portmanteau meaning a relationship with three partners).

Some have confused this with seeking a threesome (generally a single hookup, as might happen at a party or for someone’s birthday or, you know, under tons of other circumstances) or an open relationship.

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The idea, to be clear, is that Tarik and Hazel will marry each other, but they will also have a girlfriend.

This is not the same as an open relationship, where Tarik or Hazel would be welcome to boink anyone they please, or a threesome, which is generally a one-off hookup.

It’s important to note that some polyamorous relationships are entirely straight, and that not all or even most bi folks are polyamorous.

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Some fans are concerned that Hazel’s jealousy regarding Minty was not a one-time thing, but could rear up no matter which girlfriend they select.

That is not implausible. She may find that seeing Tarik kissing another woman makes her feel insecure no matter who it is, even if she is also dating her.

Just as some people could never be happy in a monogamous relationship and some would rather be single, others are not well-suited for polyamory. That’s life.

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But contrary to what some 90 Day Fiance fans seem to believe, this is not a situation that could "never work"

There are throuples, polycules, and plenty of other plural relationships that are very successful and last just as long as monogamous romances.

It’s all about whether or not this works for Tarik and Hazel. People expressing disgust at their plans are, simply put, either ignorant or bigoted. Or both.

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This was all filmed back in early March of 2020 — the longest-feeling month of many of our lives. Are Tarik and Hazel still together?

It appears that they are. There is certainly still plenty of romantic, affectionate gushing going on on social media.

Did they find a girlfriend to fulfill their dreams and make their relationship complete? That’s up in the air … and may be a question that the pandemic answered for them. It’s hard to date in lockdown.