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Season 3, Episode 13 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way showed Steven Johnston and Alina turn in their marriage paperwork.

With the documents all there, they set about hastily planning their last-minute nuptials.

This Sunday, we will all get to see their wedding take shape.

Steven made a lot of mistakes along the way, but he was thoughtful enough to include some honored guests at the ceremony.

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It looks like Steven Johnston and Alina got the sunset wedding that Kenneth Niedermeier wanted.

(Hopefully, Kenny got his, too — we’ll find out on Sunday)

In this sneak peek, we see the young groom and the seriously too young bride already at the altar, complimenting each other’s looks.

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They both look great, but that is not the only focus of their attention.

After they exchange well-deserved compliments on their looks (seriously, one of the best-looking couples this season), Alina praises the guest list.

It looks like some of the cats that they have been petting and feeding and naming in Turkey are in attendance.

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Talk about a captive audience. (Cat-dive audience? No?)

It’s not just that Alina is happy to see the kitties — she’s happy that Steven knew to "invite" them.

"It might seem like a silly and childish thing, but in reality, it’s a very manly gesture," Alina explains to the camera.

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Alina affirms: "It proves how well he knows me and it was all very touching."

Then, the actual ceremony begins — in Turkish.

Alina is struggling to hold back tears, presumably of joy, as the two exchange vows.

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"There were moments when I thought our relationship wouldn’t lead to a wedding," Alina confesses to the cameras.

Yes, there were moments when we thought that, too.

And by "thought" we mean "hoped." We want them both to be happy … and this seems doomed.

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"But I’m sure that Steven really loves me," Alina says, "that his love is sincere."

She emphasizes, perhaps loudly enough to make herself believe it: "I’m certain I made the right decision."

Alina is, just a reminder, only 20 years old.

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25-year-old Steven gushes: "It’s been a crazy, crazy journey moving to Turkey to be with her."

He continues: "and how much we had to sacrifice for each other."

"And," Steven says, "I think that really speaks to how much we love each other."

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"And that speaks louder than all of the arguments that we’ve had on the way," Steven reflects.

Even so, that does not necessarily mean that their struggles as a couple are over.

Steven admits: "We’ve gone through a lot these past months and there’s still a lot cut out for us."

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"We still have to apply for a visa to Russia," Steven says.

"And then," he continues, "baptize Alina once we get into Russia."

Steven is a devout Mormon and, as such, is dead set on Alina formally converting.

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‘But, all these challenges are just going to make us stronger," Steven insists.

And I think a lot of people think we’re crazy," he says accurately.

"But," Steven quips, "we’re crazy in love so maybe they’re right."

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Honestly? Part of this sounds like a teaser for him and Alina to appear on Season 4.

Some couples (like Ariela and Biniyam) are almost certainly going to appear on a new season of the original 90 Day Fiance after going The Other Way didn’t work out.

But Steven and Alina are messy and bonkers enough that we could easily see their misadventures in Russia warranting at least another season, if not more.