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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, some couples prepared for weddings — whether they were ready or not.

Others have a long road ahead of them before they can hope to reach the altar.

Sumit came clean to Jenny about how he betrayed her, and she took it surprisingly well … but that doesn’t change what she needs to do next.

Ariela told Biniyam about their own important next step, and Bini’s showing a huge and positive change in attitude.

Corey had to beg his family to come to his wedding, and still to no avail. He wants at least one guest from his side.

Ellie and Victor’s heated argument turned even nastier.

Kenneth had to tell Armando about his own family’s reservations, but Armando’s family’s issues are much more immediate the day of the wedding.

Steven and Alina have put off their wedding for ages, so now they have to rush about every last detail. Is it worth it?