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On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Steven Johnston’s villain status became impossible to deny.

First, he admitted that he had never intended to follow through on his promise to delete his social media.

Worse, Steven was also caught flirting — for real, this time — with Alina’s friend.

This week, an embarrassed Steven is trying to win back fans by explaining himself.

On last weekend’s episode, Alina made a big decision.

Her mother, Anna, was heading back home to Russia.

Despite a lot of misgivings, red flags, and lingering concerns, Alina did not join her.

Alina had decided that, despite everything, she wanted to give Steven more time.

This way, he could prove to her that he’s a good person.

However, she had her doubts, despite being clearly very determined to marry him despite being only 20 years old.

Alina - that he (Steven Johnston) is a good person

Now on their own, Steven and Alina decided to turn up the heat — literally.

Since they can’t get hot and heavy due to Steven’s religion’s rules, which he sometimes obeys, this was the only way for them to take their clothes off.

Viewers got an eyeful. Whether they enjoyed said eyeful varied.

Steven Johnston - it's really hot in here

This was when Steven acknowledged that he has some shortcomings.

He’d made out with 100 girls, hooked up with a bunch of them, and had sex with several … but Alina can’t drink coffee?

What Steven took from this was that he needs to live more strictly by Mormon rules.

Steven Johnston - need to do better at living my faith

Alina channeled her inner Elvis, asking for a little less conversation and a little more action.

Steven always insists certain things about himself and his behavior.

But his behavior does not always match those words. That has to change.

Alina - you talk a lot and I want to see more actions

Speaking of Steven’s behavior matching his words, Alina asked if he’d kept his promise.

Previously, after confronting him about his sexual history, his lies, and apparent cheating, Alina asked Steven to delete his social media.

Steven agreed … at least, he said that he did. Has he followed through?

Alina - delete your social media accounts?


In fact, Steven told the camera that he never actually believed that he would be required to delete his social media as promised.

For some reason, he thought that simply verbally agreeing to it would be enough to make Alina feel better. He thought wrong.

Steven clearly has a lot to work out and some soul-searching and prioritizing to do.

Meanwhile, what he doesn’t know is that Alina is testing him.

Her friend Masha has been DMing him to see if he will flirt back, tell her that he has a girlfriend, or ignore her.

Steven is not exactly acing this test of Alina’s. It’s like he didn’t even study.

While some of his earlier messages were more innocuous, he has now invited her to come see him in Turkey.

He suggested that she bring a swimsuit. That’s not "pls send hole pix" but it’s not "I have a girlfriend btw" either.

Masha to Alina - his response,

Finally, Alina came clean about testing Steven like this, revealing that he took the bait and flirted back.

Steven tried to turn the tables on Alina for not trusting him … but he proved that he was not trustworthy.

He semi-promised to delete his social media, but insisted that he needed time to save photos and that he needed to get to secure wifi.

This is where Steven’s Instagram update comes in, posted this week after that mess of an episode.

"I hope everyone is having a great October! In Turkey it’s a great time to go swimming & tanning," he wrote alongside a bit of a thirst trap of himself.

"Since that scene I still have not created a new Facebook, TikTok, or any other social media," Steven promised.

Steven Johnston Outdoors in Turkey

Steven detailed that this is "besides Instagram which she was okay with me keeping."

"I actually planned on deleting my Instagram," he claimed, "but she insisted that Facebook was my problem."

"Now I want to start being more active," Steven announced.

Steven Johnston and Alina on the couch

That may be a hint that either Alina trusts him or that, as many suspect, they have broken up.

"I’ll be creating some new social media in the coming weeks," Steven revealed.

He concluded by asking fans and followers to "Let me know what kind of content you want to see!!"

The answers to what sort of content people want to see are certainly varied.

Some don’t want Steven to create any new social media at all, and are sick of what he already has.

Others just wish that he’d start an OnlyFans, however improbable that may be for a famous Mormon.

Steven Johnston crosses his fingers that his secret won't doom their relationship

Steven often struggles to explain his actions on camera, but this may be because he doesn’t fully understand them himself.

He lacks impulse control, which is almost diametrically opposed to the skills required to live by strict religious rules of self-denial.

If Steven is ever going to be happy, something might have to change. As for Alina? We hope that she finds a better fit.