Squirrel Jumps Face First Into Closed Window

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There are positives and there are negatives to keeping one's home window's sparkling clean and clear.

The positives? Your house will look very tidy and presentable to guests.

The negatives? An animal might not realize a window is actually staring it in the face, choosing to fly into the air and then wishing he thought twice about it upon slamming into said window.

That's really the only introduction you need to this video.

It features a man who has turned his camera phone on to a squirrel because the squirrel has gotten unusually close to his house.

He figures this is a cute enough reason to record some footage... and he's right. It would have probably been worth sharing with friends if the squirrel had just remained in place, staring into the living room.

But then the squirrel decides to take a leap of faith by leaping into the air. Look out below!

Really, though, the animal is the one who should have been looking out... directly in front of him.

Watch him SLAM into a closed window and fall to the ground below.

Despite their reputation as seemingly dirty and annoying animals, squirrels have provided an unexpected number of entertaining and viral videos over the years.

There was the one in New York City who drank a milkshake from a trash can... and the one who awoke a sleeping panda and immediately regretted doing so.

And who can ever forget this iconic squirrel photobomb?!?

Check out the latest example of a squirrel giving up a reason to write about him and go ahead and laugh. It's okay. Don't feel bad.

We assume the furry little guy wasn't actually hurt in this video. Squirrels are tough creatures!

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