Soulja Boy Taunts Chris Brown, Wears Tightie Whities Like True Gangsta

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Soulja Boy, rocking tightie whities like a true gangsta, is letting Chris Brown hear it for bailing on their celebrity boxing match that wasn't.

The rapper dragged Chris, online and verbally during a concert in Minneapolis last weekend, acting almost like the fight is still going on.

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According to Soulja Boy, Chris agreed to fight him after their beef exploded over New Year's, signed on to fight, then bailed ... out of fear.

Chris says he wasn't happy with all the hangers-on trying to influence and money off the fight, but Soulja's definitely not buying that.

If you ask Soulja, Chris will fight Karrueche on a moment's notice, but when it comes to taking on a real man in the ring, dude flakes.

Karrueche, of course, is at the center of all of this.

Brown's feud with Soulja erupted after Chris called him out for liking her pictures on Instagram. (He's a bit of a jealous ex and crazy person.)

For her part, Tran worries Brown will kill her and wants a permanent restraining order against the star, but that's a much bigger issue.

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In any case, Soulja is giving it to Breezy, hard.

“I told that b!tch ass n!gga let’s get into the boxing ring," he said. "What’s up, n!gga? He said, ‘Okay, Soulja Boy, I’m gonna sign the contract.'

"'I’m gonna fight you.’ Waited around a whole motherf--king month and Chris Brown backed out the fight like a little b!tch, man!"

"I was gonna knock Chris' b!tch ass out! Y’all know what the f--k is going on. He was scared I was gonna hit his ass with that Superman punch.”

Chris, for his part, said on his Instagram account that there is simply “no need for me to disrespect this person any further."

"He’s hyped up as well as the issue," he adds. "The opportunity to embarrass and do harm to him isn’t even funny anymore." 

Chris Reply

Brown said the whole thing became a turf war of sorts for gangsters wanting a piece of the pie, when all he wanted was to fight in private:

"I backed out ... because the money/location and the fact that the real promoters were spooked by “GANGMEMBERS” who wanted to profit off it."

"No charity and no point in going through wit it."

"I set up a private gym and he didn’t show up. So. There is nothing more to say. It’s not gone happen and we really know the truth here."

The only things we know for sure is that Karrueche is scared for her safety, and Soulja sure as s--t acts like he won this thing by default.

Granted, he talks a much bigger game than he can ever back up, and looks like a dumbass in that underwear, but hey, it works for him ...

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