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It’s not enough that Sofia Richie is trying to save Scott Disick’s reality show. She wants a real reality career, and she’s getting it.

On this Keeping Up With The Kardashians preview teaser, Sofia makes her debut on the long-running series.

We see her with Scott and Kourtney and, well, things admittedly get awkward.

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In the teaser trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott gets pretty blunt about spending time with Sofia and Kourtney together.

"It is a really awkward situation," the self-described Lord confesses.

He is not the only one who feels that way.

Speaking to the Konfessional Kamera, Kourtney admits: "It gets … bizarre."

"I want you and Sofia to be comfortable," Scott is shown telling Kourtney.

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We then see Sofia eating beside Scott, pointing out that his behavior changes when it’s not just the two of them.

"You’re a lot more sophisticated with me when Kourtney’s around," Sofia observes.

Yes, we’re absolutely going to unpack that momentarily.

"But it does take, like, a toll on me," Scott admits to Kourtney, speaking of his girlfriend and his ex spending time with him simultaneously.

With a definite shift in tone, we hear a voiceover of Scott saying: "This trip has so much pressure!"

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Much of the teaser features Scott, Kourtney, and Sofia’s faces while they are indoors.

It’s a very short trailer, so we’re not surprised that there isn’t a lot of visual context provided.

Given that they’re clearly at multiple locations in various outfits, fans can definitely look forward to more than one scene (obviously).

And the end of the teaser gets a bit spicier.

It appears that Scott, Kourtney, and Sofia all share a hot tub at one point. That’s a little steamy … pun semi-intended.

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We promised to unpack Sofia’s comment about Scott’s behavior changing around Kourtney, and we intend to keep that.

Notice that she didn’t say that he changes his demeanor while they’re around other people. Plehty of coulples do that.

Sofia specifically accuses: "You’re a lot more sophisticated with me when Kourtney’s around."

That means that, of all of the people the two of them have spent time with, he does this specifically around Kourtney.

And we think that we can explain why.

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One, everybody wants tos how off to their ex. They want to show that they’ve matured and are doing well for themselves.

Two is probably that Scott is simply nervous about this girlfriend-meets-ex situation.

Anxiety alters your behavior, even subconsciously. (That’s why some of us are so polite!)

But there’s also the huge, mostly unspoken factor of the age gap.

Kourtney turned 40 last April. At the time, Sofia was only 20 (she turned 21 in August). And Scott has been inside of them both.

it is natural to speak differently to different people, but Scott may be defaulting to suit Kourtney rather than his much younger girlfriend.

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(Also, why is Scott giving off such weird Michael Scott from The Office energy in this still? Experts are baffled)

Honestly, we already know that Sofia and Kourtney get along reasonably well — well enough to successfully vacation together with Scott.

While this tragically is unlikely to turn into a polyamorously ever after situation with the three of them, we’ll settle for amicable co-parenting.

Kourt isn’t just happy for Scott — she’s glad that Sofia is a stabilizing influence in Scott’s life.

When Scott is a better person, he’s a better parent.