Seth Rogen: Orlando Bloom's Penis is BIGGER Than Justin Bieber's!

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As you've probably heard, nude photos of Orlando Bloom surfaced last week.

Orlando Bloom in France

Judging from Bloom's reaction, he wasn't particularly bothered by having his dong out there for all the world to see, and why should he be?

The guy's taking island vacations and pointing his peen at Katy Perry.

If that's not living the life, we don't know what is.

Anyway, the big question (no pun intended) whenever male nude pics leak is: what's he packin' in the package department?

In Bloom's case the answer is perfectly respectable wang.

Especially when you consider that he appeared to have been in the ocean just moments before the photo was taken.

Is it possible that we've spent too much time reflecting on the girth of Orlando's peninsula?

Absolutely. But at least we're not alone.

Seth Rogen stopped by Watch What Happens Live recently to promote (appropriately enough) his new film Sausage Party, and naturally, the discussion eventually turned to what's in Orlando's bloomers.

As it happens, nude photos of Justin Bieber also leaked last week, and since Orlando and Justin are long time rivals (You may recall the glorious occasion when Bloom took a swing at Bieber.) comparisons were inevitable.

Bloom already had Bieber beat in one department:

The actor's pics went instantly viral, whereas no one really cared about the re-emergence of the Bieber Peen, as it was nothing we hadn't seen before.

Now, Rogen says Bloom has Bieber beat in the size department, too.

Check out the clip below for his thoroughly scientific explanation.

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