Justin Bieber Nude Pics Elicit Collective Yawn from Internet

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First, Orlando Bloom got naked on a paddleboard.

Now Justin Bieber has gotten naked in Hawaii, as The New York Daily News has published photos of Bieber in his birthday suit.

How scandalous?!?

Eh, we guess.

It's not as though we haven't seen Justin Bieber naked while on vacation before. The fascination has sort of worn off at this point.

We're more interested in Sahara Ray, the model with whom Bieber was hanging out while Bieber was... well... HANGING OUT.

And we're not alone. Consider the reaction of Internet users to once again seeing Bieber in the buff.

1. The Election Can Wait

The Election Can Wait
And it's not as though Bill has any right to say anything!

2. Sausage Party Time!

Sausage Party Time!
And we're all invited.

3. A Double Standard at Work?

A Double Standard at Work?
A handsome double standard, but still.

4. Public Hair in PUBLIC!

Public Hair in PUBLIC!
Praise the Lord!

5. We Sense Sarcasm

We Sense Sarcasm
A whole lot of sarcasm.

6. No, You Are Not!

No, You Are Not!
Just wear a bathing suit. It really doesn't have much material anyway.

7. Free the Willy?

Free the Willy?
Forget the nipple. Let those penises hang out!

8. Their BEEF!

Their BEEF!
Get it?! Their beef?!?

9. Selena Shade

Selena Shade
There have been rumors that she banged Bloom, too. But we still aren't buying this.

10. Never Forget

Never Forget
Who could have forgotten that?!?

11. Pretty Much:

Pretty Much:
And he's been called a "dick" even more times than that.

12. Like, REALLY Human!

Like, REALLY Human!
That was a big penis joke on our part.

13. The Blame Game

The Blame Game
Who leaked the pics?!?

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