Selena Gomez Music Video Features Surprise Cameo: Is That Taylor Swift?!?

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Selena Gomez has come out with a new music video and, for once, no one is wondering whether the footage has anything to do with Justin Bieber.

But questions have arisen over a different celebrity with whom Selena is often associated.

Does Taylor Swift make an unexpected cameo toward the end of the footage?

Bad Liar Picture

In the following video for "Bad Liar," we follow Gomez as she spends her day in high school.

Throughout various parts of the video, she plays the role of a school teacher, a gym teacher, a guy who grabs his crotch a lot and even her own mother.

(There's a plot that ties all this together, we swear.)

But fans aren't too focused on the early portions of the video.

Instead, they're focused on what comes later, when Selena returns to her bedroom and is suddenly surrounded by... Taylor Swift?!?

Taylor Swift Sighting!

Hidden in the 1970s-era decor of her bedroom, there certainly appears to be a Charlie's Angels poster bedecking her wall that features Swift as one of the titular Angels.

There's a second poster next to Selena's bed that also features this same familiar face.

Take a look at the screen capture below to see what we mean:

Selena Gomez Easter Egg

Should it really come as a shock that Gomez would give a shout-out to her best friend? Not really.

Except that Swift has remained out of the spotlight for almost a year now. We've scarcely heard from her and we haven't seen her in public with Gomez in ages.

But it's pretty clear the two are on perfectly good terms, if these Easter Eggs are meant to send a message to the fans of both singers.

Check out the video for this new catchy song and keep your eyes peeled for a couple Swift sightings below:

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