Toddler Executes Genius Plan to Free Baby Brother from Crib

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Say hello below to Missy and Bryan Lanning.

They are the parents to a baby son named Finn and an infant son named Oliver and they run a daily video blog called "The Daily Bumps" in which they document life as parents of two cute boys.

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Earlier this week, the family received extra attention when the camera they set up in Finn's bedroom captured a truly amazing and hilarious scene.

As you're about to see in the following footage, Oliver really wanted to play with his little brother one recent night.

So he snuck into Finn's room and encouraged his younger sibling to escape from his crib.

Actually, he did more than merely encourage little Finn.

Oliver actually grabs a chair and places it in Finn's crib. He then crawls in there with his sibling and shows him what Finn must do in order to break free.

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"You can do it!" Oliver adorably says at one point, waiting on the floor outside the crib for his brother to join him and for the two go off and play in secret.

"Jump to me!" Oliver adds.

Eventually, Finn manages to stand on the chair Oliver has placed inside the crib, leading to a positively precious scene in which Oliver takes hold of the baby and assists him in taking the final few steps.

do this!

The video has been viewed over 68 million times on Facebook, and for good reason:

It's adorable and hilarious!

(And for those about to criticize the parents and/or wonder how they could let their kids get into such a dangerous situation, don't bother: Missy and Bryan were watching closely on the monitor.

They were prepared to immediately intervene in case anything happened.)

Check out the viral footage now!

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