Rob Kardashian Shares Video of Dream Swinging, Talking!

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The Rob Chyna relationship wasted little time before it deteriorated into something nasty.

But one good thing did emerge from that nightmare that will haunt the entire Kardashian clan for years to come: Dream Kardashian.

And in the adorable video below, Rob pushes her on the swing. You have to hear her precious little voice!

Dream Kardashian Swings!!!

As you'll see in the unbearably cute video below, Rob Kardashian pushed his daughter on the swing.

She smiles, she squeals, and she even says hello to someone who's passing by.

Dream is, what, 14 months old?

She's growing up so quickly but remaining super adorbs.

And if you think that her photos gives you a heart-stopping jolt of oxytocin, listening to her voice as she jabbers just might kill you. In, you know, a good way.

It Really is a Dream

Rob Kardashian knew that the video was cute, so he took a break from posting ads for his, uh, line of socks (you know, the one thing that he does) to share not only a photo, but the video.

It's reassuring to hear dream speak. Maybe I just have a skewed sense of things, but a lot of celebrity babies seem to take an awfully long time to speak.

Some experts believe that it's a result of things like tablets being used as children's toys, though we hesitate to jump on the "technology is bad, Thomas Edison was a witch" bandwagon. Life isn't an episode of Black Mirror.

Dream appears to be developing healthily (and happily!)

It must be nice to be so, we hope, blissfully unaware of what your parents' relationship was like.

Dream Kardashian, Ears Pierced

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian accuse each other of drug-fueled violence during their ill-fated relationship.

Rob (with help from little sister Kylie) is currently suing Blac Chyna, claiming that she caused $100,000 in damages during an alleged explosive, violent rampage through the house that he was renting from Kylie.

For her part?

Blac Chyna says she only beat up Rob in self defense.

The two of them are suing the hell out of each other in court -- yeah, Chyna got her child support payment, but also claims that the Kardashians destroyed her budding reality career.

Dream Kardashian is the Cutest!

The good news is that Dream, at least, is not part of these court battles.

That's not to say that she can't be impacted by any of this. Kids, even young kids, can tell when things aren't right with their parents.

But it's safe to say that neither of Dream's parents are going to be destitute.

True, Rob Kardashian may too broke to even pay Chyna what she wants from him, but Rob's family has been quietly "helping" him for a while, now.

No grandchild of Kris Jenner's is going to lack for anything.

Dream Kardashian in Pink

On a much brighter note than abuse allegations or legal battles:

Watch this video of precious, sweet, adorable Dream!

Listening to her delighted squeals and to her jabbering really warmed the cockles of our (frozen, thanks to the "bomb cyclone") hearts.

Take a look!

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