Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian Beat, Ransacked, Threatened Suicide to Manipulate Me!

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Yesterday, we reported that Blac Chyna is suing the entire Kardashian family, claiming that Kim and company are responsible for the cancelation of her short-lived E! reality show.

But Chyna's main target will always be her former fiance, Rob Kardashian, whom she claims was an abusive partner and a negligent father during their time together.


Now, Blac's latest allegations against Rob are sure to do even further damage to his already battered reputation.

In documents filed yesterday, Chyna claims not only that the Kards conspired to get E! to get cancel her series, she also says they exploited a painful domestic violence incident that occurred last year.

Just a few days before Christmas of 2016, police were called to the home that was then shared by Rob and Chyna.

Both parties offered conflicting versions of what had transpired, but multiple witnesses (including Kris Jenner's ex Corey Gamble) affirmed that it was Blac who attacked Rob, not the other way around, as she claimed.

Now, Blac is making sure the incident is addressed in her latest lawsuit, but it seems the Kardashians have no interest in backing down.

Rob and Chyna Photograph

In yesterday's scathing filing, lawyers for Blac (real name Angela White) offer a harrowing account of the violent encounter between Chyna and Rob.

According to brutal documents obtained by Radar Online:

"When Ms. White told defendant Rob Kardashian that he could not speak like that in front of her son, he claimed, 'I can say whatever the f--k I want.'"

"Ms. White then used her phone to call King's father, Tyga, when Rob Kardashian immediately grabbed the phone from her hand and violently knocked her to the ground."

According to the filing, Chyna then attempted to hide in her bedroom, but "Rob Kardashian lost all control and tore the hinge's off Ms. White's door."

Once inside the room, Rob allegedly "ransacked" Chyna's closets and "threw her belongings into disarray."

Rob and Blac Photo

"Rob Kardashian's domestic abuse of Ms. White was a truly terrifying experience," Blac's lawyers write.

"Ms. White suffered pain and difficulty walking for days as a result of Rob Kardashian violently knocking her to the ground."

The suit goes on to allege that Rob frequently threatened to commit suicide as a means of manipulating Chyna.

Despite the damning allegations, however, it looks as though the Kardashians have no interest in settling out of court.

The family remains steadfast in its assertion that Blac was the instigator, and Kris Jenner is reportedly planning a countersuit.

Kardashian lawyer Shawn Holley responded:

"We have witness statements and other evidence which will demonstrate conclusively that it is Chyna -- not Rob -- who is the violent and aggressive abuser." 

When told about Holley's remarks, Chyna's attorney Lisa Bloom remarked, "There's no excuse for domestic violence."

We'll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.

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