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Back in 2009, Family Guy apparently predicted the forthcoming Bruce Jenner sex change.

Check out this hilarious Family Guy clip to see what we mean.

Now, in light of the Caitlyn Jenner reveal that has gone mega viral this week, another interesting video has surfaced online.

It takes us back to 2012 when Rob Kardashian served as a judge at the Miss USA Pageant and asked a question of Olivia Culpo, one that centered on the topic of transgender individuals.

Would she consider it fair if someone born as a man competed as a woman and actually won the crown over a natural-born woman?

Rob, remember, reportedly did not even recognize Caitlyn Jenner when he first saw her photos.

Check out the video to see Culpo’s response and wonder along with us:

Think Rob had any idea this topic would become so personal for him years later?