Caitlyn Jenner: How Did She Choose Her Name?

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The former Bruce Jenner made her debut as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair today, and within minutes she became a trending topic and a social media sensation.

Even though she just sent her first tweet this morning, Caitlyn Jenner's Twitter page already has over half a million followers and she's been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

It's a big moment for Caitlyn, as well as for the transgender community.

Sure, the "Bruce Jenner sex change" has been a hot topic for months now, but today Bruce opened up in a new and exciting way and shared details of his transition that have long been kept under wraps.

Of course, now that we know how Caitlyn prefers to be identified, we can't help but wonder - what's in a name? More specifically, did Caitlyn just use a single letter to publicly diss Kris Jenner?

You may have noticed that Kris and all her kids (including her daughters with Caitlyn) have "K" names. "Caitlyn" can be spelled a number of different ways, and yet Jenner chose to start her name with a "C."

According to TMZ, that's no coincidence.

The website is reporting that Caitlyn chose the name as part of an effort to make a "clean break" with her former identity.

The choice has been called "extremely meaningful," and sources say it's important to Caitlyn that her fans realize she has no bad blood with any of the Kardashians, and that the "C" is just her way of asserting her individuality.

Hey, Caitlyn may think that she's on good terms with all the Kards but she did kinda steal Kim's pregnancy spotlight with this big reveal.

We're guessing she's gonna hear about that one.

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