Rob Kardashian Finally Resurfaces in Family Christmas Video: WATCH!

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Just days after Khloe Kardashian affirmed her love for her brother, Rob Kardashian has resurfaced.

Christmas morning is a big deal in the Kardashian family, and he and Dream were there to participate.

His sister Kim caught it all on film -- including her brother. Take a look:

Krismas Morning 2018 01

Tuesday morning was Christmas for those who celebrate, and nobody celebrates like the Kardashians.

Generations of the famous family flocked to Momager Kris' house to reap their family's bounty.

That means that all of the young cousins, three of whom are babies born just this year, were present.

One of the young cousins was Dream Kardashian, who's really more of a toddler at this point.

And she didn't come alone.

In a video thta Kim shared to her Instagram Stories, we see sweet little Dream being carried and kissed by her father, Rob.

Dream Kardashian Gets a Kiss

In part of Kim's video, she gives Rob a little head's up before she films Dream.

"I'm just going to get little Dream," Kim says.

She repeats: "Rob, I'm just going to get little Dream. Merry Christmas, Dreamy Dream!"

Dream is looking as cute as a button, but also a bit overwhelmed and perhaps a little sleepy, in the video.

Rob encourages his daughter.

"Say Merry Christmas!" Rob encourages from off-camera. "You can say Merry Christmas!"

Dream was clearly feeling a little too contemplative to speak.

Rob does appear in the video -- just his lips and nose -- as he kisses his baby girl on her cheek. So cute!

North West Holds True Thompson

Some of Dream's other cousins were feeling a bit more sociable.

We also see this precious, filtered photo of North West, who is growing up so quickly.

In her arms is none other than her eight-month-old cousin, True Thompson.

In a short video that we've made into a gif for your viewing convenience, Penelope rides on a functional unicorn toy.

The timing of everything in the gif, especially when Kourtney's daughter turns her head, is absolutely golden.

Penelope Disick on Christmas Morning, 2018

The video makes it very clear that there are other wheeled unicorn toys in the house.

There may not be one for every grandchild, but even the Kardashians can share -- if they have to.

We also see array after array of gifts for the children as well as for the adults.

Sometimes, families in which everyone -- or almost everyone -- is financially successful can enter a lull where they don't know what to buy each other.

What do you buy for Kim Kardashian that she cannot purchase for herself?

But once grandchildren enter the picture, gift-giving can become a lot more exciting.

And we have a sneaking suspicion that Kris has always gone out of her way to make sure that Krismas morning is enjoyable for everyone.

Krismas Morning 2018 02

It's sweet that Rob made an appearance with Dream.

Some might cynically suggest that he was half-motivated by presents, and also that he had no choice because he's broke and lives with his mom anyway.

But what really stood out to us was how respectful Kim was of Rob's boundaries.

He is very camera-shy, in part because of his weight, and Kim made sure to give him fair warning that she was going to film Dream.

That is absolutely the right way to act around someone who doesn't want to be photographed or filmed.

Of course ... we wish that Rob had shown the same level of respect in July of 2017.

Maybe then he wouldn't have plastered Blac Chyna's nudes all over the internet.

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