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Forget those other hilarious moments in live news, folks.

We think we have a new champion.

Say hello to New Zealand anchor Hilary Barry … who is afraid she may soon be saying goodbye to her job because she could not stop laughing during a story about an “emergency defecation situation."

The report centers on a Malaysian diplomat named Mohammed Rizalman.

He is being sentenced for indecent assault after he followed Tania Billingsly home and (among other things) took a poop on her doorstep.

“Mohammed Rizalman once had an untainted two decade-long career in the Malaysian military; today he’ll be sentenced for indecent assault. In November he admitted following then-21-year-old Tanya Billingsly home,” Barry read live on air.

“He said he’d had an ‘emergency defecation situation’ and needed to use her bathroom, but the judge in the case found he had a sexual motive.”

At that, Barry and her colleagues started to crack up.

And then kept right on cracking up.

But what made the situation so unfortunate was that she next had to report on a man being sucked out of a Somali plane after a bomb was detonated.

“I’m not laughing at this," she said during that report, while still laughing and then adding "Today could be the day I lose my job."

If so, though, what a way to go out!