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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been upfront about how she was mistreated in prison.

Now, she is going into further detail, explaining how the guards allegedly targeted her because of her fame.

What’s more is she says that this same hazing extended to the prison doctor, whom she claims endangered her life by denying her meds.

The Wendy Williams Show remains on hiatus until September 16 when Season 11 begins.

But that didn’t stop the show from posting an illuminating and recent clip that had slipped under the radar.

Abby Lee Miller came on the show as a guest, and she discussed the grim realities of even a low-security, non-violent prison experience like hers.

Miller explains that prison life "doesn’t soften you, it hardens you."

She also reveals that the guards "absolutely" gave her a harder time because of her celebrity status — it was with prison staff that she clashed.

In contrast, Miller says that the women with whom she was imprisoned were "wonderful."

Abby Lee Miller Fought Hard to Be Here

The cancer survivor and Dance Moms villain spoke about how sometimes, it was just little elements of harassment from the guards.

"Do you know how many guards said, ‘Where is that Dance Mom lady at?’" she recalls.

Clearly, they wanted to get under her skin and rile her up.

Miller describes her internal response: "And I was like, ‘You don’t put a preposition at the end of the question,’"

I hate to say it, but I have never related to Miller more in my entire life.

Abby Lee Miller on Inside Edition

The harassment, she says, began in 2017 when she arrived at prison.

Guards not only wanted to remove her false eyelashes — they apparently tried to just rip them off of her eyelids.

Miller also notes how every prisoner is allowed to keep a contact page — a single sheet of paper with phone numbers and email addresses.

That page, she laments, "went missing in five minutes."

It seems likely that someone thought to steal it and sell it to a tabloid to give them celebrity contact info. It’s not clear if that sale ever happened.

Abby Lee Miller, Hair Photo

"They were ready for me,” Miller describes the guards.

She was big news at the prison, and apparently the guards were determined to not give her special treatment.

(Not the positive kind, anyway)

“I had heard from other women," Miller reveals. "That for three months prior to my arrival that it was the buzz."

That should have been enough ttime for tne novelty to wear off, but it didn’t.

Abby Lee Miller Sleeps in the Hospital

Before reporting to prison, Miller underwent gastric sleeve surgery in order to facilitate weight loss.

She did lose a dramatic amount of weight, as she had intended.

Unfortunately, she says that the prison doctor used this as an excuse to take her off of some very necessary medications.

She needed to continue taking her thyroid meds and her diabetes meds, but those were discontinued — cold turkey.

As a prisoner, there was little to nothing that she could do about it.

Abby Lee Miller Smiles Peacefully

Wendy of course asks if Abby Lee Miller might sue the doctor or the prison (or both) for potentially endangering her life.

Miller notes that she has never sued anyone in her life … but that this may now have to change.

The good news, of course, is that she is now cancer-free, having beaten Burkitt lymphoma even though it threatened her life.