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It will sadly not be any surprise to learn that the same awful dude who thinks that Meghan Markle is ruining Prince Harry is back at it.

This time, notorious twonk Piers Morgan is putting the Duchess on blast for requesting privacy during an event.

As he rails against her, he begins to demand that she "go back to America," and even his poor cohost is scandalized.

Meghan Markle: Bumpin!
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Meghan Markle attended a Wimbledon tennis match.

Contrary to speculation, she was not seated in the royal box, but was invited as a friend of the player — Serena Williams.

According to a report from the match, at least one person in the stands was asked to not photograph the Duchess.

"Would you not take photographs of the Duchess?" a royal protection officer allegedly requested.

The royal protection officer then explained: "She’s here in a private capacity."

That sounds fair and reasonable, which is of course why Piers Morgan was outraged.

Piers Morgan, who is actually paid money to voice his horrible thoughts, went on an unhinged rant on Good Morning Britain.

"You’re public people, all of you!" Piers can be heard ranting in the video that we have included.

"In that moment," he continues. "You’re public people."

"Stop your squealing about privacy!" Piers demands. "We don’t want to hear it."

"If you want to be private, go back to America and live privately," he instructs. "it’s pretty straightforward."

Susanna Reid, whose unenviable lot in life is to exist in physical proximity to Piers Morgan, did not like what she was hearing.

"They don’t have to go back to America by the way," she counters.

"She does," Piers insists. "She’s American!"

"They don’t have to go back,” Susanna emphasizes, arguing: “She’s married an Englishman!"

"She doesn’t want to be a British public figure in the royal family," Piers says. "Go back to America."

As always, Piers wasn’t interested in walking back his awful claims.

He reitorated his attack on the only adult British royal family member of color in a later tweet.

"It’s absurd for Ms Markle to demand privacy as she sits in the royal box on a publicly-funded jolly with her mates," Piers asserted.

Again, she was not seated in the royal box — that was debunked.

She was literally just seated in the audience at Serena Williams’ invitation. That’s it.

So Royally Awesome
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We mentioned before that Piers is leveling these attacks very conspicuously against the only adult black member of the family.

This is not out of a desire to "pile on" attacks on Piers — honestly, every time that he opens his mouth, he gives critics nothing but ammunition.

We mention it because his "go back to America" cries sound awfully familiar.

There are those in both the UK and America who have suggested that black people who are unhappy in either nation should "go back to Africa."

That’s a vile thing to say regardless, but especially cruel to people whose ancestors were abducted and brought over to be sold.

Meghan Markle in the Snow
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Why is Piers ranting about Meghan Markle allegedly asking for a modicum of privacy while privately attending an event?

Mostly because it’s his job to stir up pointless controversy, though he still thinks he’s some sort of newscaster.

It’s the same reason that Meghan McCain’s huffing and endless name-dropping of "my father" has been a boon to The View.

Having someone like Piers around means that every time that he puts his foot in his mouth, Good Morning Britain is a hot topic.

But even Piers could try to reel it in when it comes to Meghan, who has faced so much racist hate since her engagement to Harry was announced.