Diminutive Bagel Shop Customer Goes on Tirade Against Women, Gets Taken Down by Taller Patron

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It's time to move over, Florida Man.

You must now officially make room for Long Island Man.

Or, to be more precise we suppose, you must make room for Short Long Island Man, based on a hilarious/disturbing new video that has gone very viral in a very short period of time.

angry short dude 2

In a video posted to Twitter this week, a woman is heard at the Bagel Boss shop in Bay Shore, New York, asking a middle-aged man wearing running shoes, shorts and a striped polo shirt why he thinks it's acceptable to "degrade women."

We don't know the circumstances that prompted this question... only that it led to an epic tirade in response.

"Degrade - why is it okay for women to say, 'Oh you’re five feet on dating sites, you should be dead,'" the man fires back as he hurls a newspaper he was holding to the floor. "That's okay?"

Wait, what, the woman responds? No one at the store said anything like that.

"Women in general have said it on dating sites. You think I'm making that sh-t up," the patron screams back while throwing his arms in the air. "Everywhere I go I get the same f-cking smirk with the biting lip."

This is actually pretty sad.

The poor guy clearly has understandable self-esteem issues... which is not an excuse for the way he acted here. But it's still something everyone viewing the footage ought to consider.

angry short dude

Another customer then interjects, telling the man to "calm down."

But this has the opposite effect.

"Shut your mouth. You're not God or my father or my boss," he yells.

When another customer also tells the man to chill out, his anger only reaches a new level.

"Dude you want to step outside? You want to step outside? Huh? I'm not scare of you, pal."

The third time, however, is NOT the charm for this guy.

After telling yet another patron to also "shut up" and challenging him to a fight, the bitter dating site user gets tackled to the grond. Hard.

As you might expect, and mostly understand, the Internet is having a field day with this video. To wit:

bagel boss response

But we sort of have two different reactions:

FIRST, imagine if this were an overweight woman, responding in sadness and anger over how she is looked at by men. We somehow doubt folks would be mocking her in the same way.

SECOND, couldn't you see this guy going on some sort of shooting spree in the near future?

Based on the domestic violence history of nearly all mass shooters, toxic masculinity is to blame for this epidemic as much as any other societal issue.

The guy already felt snubbed by the opposite sex. Now, he probably feels like the laughing stock of pretty much everyone out there. It's scary to consider.

Check out the footage here and draw your own conclusion.

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