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Earlier this month, Paul Staehle announced that he and Karine were back together and living in the US. It was wonderful news!

But of course, given Paul and Karine’s tempestuous history, we all knew that it couldn’t last forever. …

Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and Pierre Staehle

On Sunday night, Paul Staehle took to Instagram to share a video of the bathroom at his house.

There, we saw what looked like some sort of thick blue cleaning solution splashed around the bathroom floor, tub, and walls.

Paul pointed out a dirty baby’s diaper, saying that this was representative of the alleged filth that she willingly tolerated.

The mess looked, frankly, like something one would see in a house that was abandoned or deliberately trashed.

But Paul’s purpose wasn’t simply to shame Karine for having a bathroom that looked like something out of The Purge.

Paul said that Karine had up and left him, running away with baby Pierre.

He once again suggested that Karine was endangering Pierre, noting that he had the car seat and that she must have just held Pierre in the car.

Honestly, dramatic breakups are one thing and may have just cause. Please don’t endanger your baby like that.

Photo via Instagram

Karine didn’t just up and leave for a women’s shelter or a friend’s house. And it doesn’t look like she headed back home to Brazil.

Recently, Karine has been seen with her new "fitness coach," Blake Sakal.

According to Paul, Karine seems to have left him to go be with Blake.

He’s not holding back, either.

Paul and Karine Staehle on Instagram

Paul Staehle’s exclusively joined up with 90 Day Fiance Blogger extraordinaire John Yates, and shared his accusations in greater detail.

"He’s been talking to her," Paul reveals. "I caught him back before we got married."

"So they’ve been ‘friends’ before we got married," he alleges.

Evidence seems to support that. Social media activity reveals that Karine has been "liking" Blake’s old posts, as far back as 2012.

Karine and Paul, Wedding Photo

"She told me she was feeling a little uncomfortable because he was talking about wanting to have a kid with her,” Paul claims.

"It was almost like, if we were like swingers, and I said ‘No we’re not swingers,’" he recalls.

Paul adds: "And I really don’t like the fact that he’s talking about wanting to have a kid."

We wouldn’t describe ourselves as people who always see Paul’s point of view, but another dude talking about having a kid with your wife? Yikes.

Karine and Paul Staehle

"So then what happened was, she went to get a tattoo," Paul says. "So I had Pierre, and Pierre was hungry, and Pierre needs breast milk. …"

"So I was on the way to get her at the tattoo parlor," he narrates, "and she said ‘No, no, I’m already done. I left.’"

"So," Paul shares, "I found out she was with Blake, she was at Blake’s house."

It appears that it all went downhill from there, given the state of Paul’s bathroom.

Karine Staehle Selfie with Husband Paul

Karine has since responded to Paul’s claims, and her Portuguese Instagram message roughly translates to:

"I want to make it clear that I didn’t run away with another man," she begins.

Karine complains: "No one knows what I go through and the way Paul lied about me on a live show."

"I must be strong and seek my rights," she affirms. "I will not talk about my personal life."

Paul Staehle

"I never told Paul that he won’t see Pierre," Karine insists.

She adds: "On the contrary, I have proof that I said that Paul … has a right to his son too."

Karine’s response is an important reminder that some fans worry that Paul is emotionally abusing Karine.

Very public shaming is not part of any health relationship or marriage. As always, our thoughts and best wishes are with Baby Pierre.