Karine and Paul Staehle: We're Back Together AND Back in the US!

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Last month, Paul and Karine Staehle's marriage fell apart ... again.

After Karine filed for divorce in Brazil and made her way back to where her family lives, Paul was beside himself.

He tried to reconcile with her then and there.

He even went on Instagram to claim that Karine was endangering their infant son.

Now, this tumultuous couple has good news.

They appear to have once again reconciled, and Karine has returned to the US with their son.

1. Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and Pierre Staehle

Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and Pierre Staehle
90 Day Fiance stars Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and baby Pierre pose for a precious family portrait.

2. These two have really been through the wringer

These two have really been through the wringer
Paul and Karine got off to an awkward start, with language barriers and major cultural barriers making viewers and family alike uncomfortable.

3. Also ...

Also ...
None of us can shake the moment when Paul, out of fear that a candiru asu might crawl up his penis and stick its barbs in his bladder, wore a condom under his swim trunks before going swimming. We hope that we don't have to explain that the trunks alone would be enough.

4. First ...

First ...
To make sure that everyone is on the same page, we want to remind everyone that Paul and Karine are not just a couple -- they are parents.

5. Karine was not shy about her pregnancy

Karine was not shy about her pregnancy
In fact, both of their Instagrams were full of preggo pics as Karine showed off her baby bump.

6. It was welcome news

It was welcome news
Many of their fans hoped that having a child together was a sign that they were done with their immature fighting and their on-again, off-again romance.

7. Look at their baby!

Look at their baby!
Paul and Karine named their son Pierre Martins Staehle. Notably, they pronounce his name Pierre-ee, which as anyone who watched Larissa's season knows, is something that happens with Brazilian names and certain other words for some reason, even when they are speaking English.

8. So, here's what happened

So, here's what happened
During the second week of November, Paul took to Instagram with the most pitiful divorce announcement that we have ever seen in our lives. In Portuguese, he revealed that Karine had initiated the divorce process against him in Manaus, Brazil.

9. He apologized to his fans

He apologized to his fans
Paul put doing cameos (a lucrative side business for many reality stars and even for legit actors) on hold while he scrambled to fix his marriage or, at the very last, make sure that Pierre was safe.

10. He was seriously concerned

He was seriously concerned
Cultural differences are well and good when it comes to what foods people eat or what clothes they wear or what faith they practice. Putting a baby on a motorcycle outside of an emergency is simply not safe, but that's apparently considered normal in Karine's part of Brazil.

11. Good news!

Good news!
Karine's good morning photo may seem fairly innocuous, but look at the houses and the weather and the trees. That's not in Brazil, folks. That's December somewhere (presumably Kentucky) in the United States.

12. Karine even acknowledged it

Karine even acknowledged it
Here, she confirmed that she's back in the US, though she didn't exactly gush at fans with details of the presumed reconciliation.

13. Hooray!

This was exactly what Paul had wanted. He had hoped to convince Karine to return to the US, even if she didn't get back with him, in order to give Pierre his best chance at life.

14. On Wednesday, Paul posted this to his Story

On Wednesday, Paul posted this to his Story
"I thank God we came to a peaceful agreement and have returned home safe," Paul announced on December 4.

15. So that's it then!

So that's it then!
They don't officially say that they've reconciled -- at the very least, up to this point, they have not spelled out that they are remaining married.

16. It's possible that this is just a compromise

It's possible that this is just a compromise
Karine may have agreed to raise Pierre in Kentucky so that he can have his best possible future.

17. But our guess?

But our guess?
Given their long history of dramatic breakups followed by reconciliations, our guess is that this is history repeating itself. We hope that they can get along better and be less dramatic now that they have a child.

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