Chris Zylka to Paris Hilton: Gimme Back My $2 Million Engagement Ring!!

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This week, Paris Hilton ended her engagement to Chris Zylka. That's not hot.

Now comes the matter of the massive, $2 million diamond ring that he gave her when he proposed.

Apparently, Chris wants it back.

Chris Zylka and Paris

In January of this year, Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka became engaged.

In November, they broke off the engagement.

All told, they officially dated for nearly two years -- and spent most of the last decade with the other on their mind.

When he proposed in Aspen, Chris Zylka gave Paris a flashy diamind ring, valued at about $2 million.

Even for an actor with a slew of TV and film credits under his belt, it was quite the buy.

So ... what happens to that ring now?

Paris H and Chris Zylka

TMZ reports that Chris Zylka, whose real name is Christopher Michael Settlemire, wants his ring back.

Their sources say that it was Paris who broke off the engagement.

Now, their insiders also say that he hasn't formally requested that she return the ludicrously expensive ring.

But that apparently he wants it back, which is understandable.

And, one way or another, it looks like he's going to get it back.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

See, engagement rings aren't like regular jewelry. Often, they are passed down through generations as family heirlooms.

In this case, it wasn't an heirloom, but the whopping 40-carat diamond took four months to cut and cost the price of a mansion.

Because of the value that these rings often possess, California law requires that, in this situation, Paris return the ring.

So whether or not she decides to return it herself, Chris is expected to be able to get it back if he wants to press the issue.

And TMZ's sources say that, if push comes to shove, Chris will absolutely "make the hard ask" for the ring's return.

Chris Zylka and Paris Hilton

We should be clear that, when it comes to the ring, reports say that Chris didn't pay full value for it.

For one thing, the jeweler had a close relationship with Paris.

For another, publicity is the lifeblood of jewelers, and an actor proposing to his world-famous girlfriend is great publicity.

So he got a hefty discount, which is great news for a guy whose estimated net worth is about $4 million.

Obviously, it would be even better news for him if Paris had never broken things off.

Chris Zylka Kisses Paris Hilton

As you may recall, the reported reason for the breakup was super vague.

We're to believe that Paris just worried that things were moving too quickly, and also concluded that he wasn't right for her.

That's about as informative as people writing "irreconcilable differences" on their divorce papers.

People noticed that something was off after their original wedding date, November 11, was pushed back by a couple of months.

Now, those nuptials will never come, and Paris will have to fork over the ring.

Maybe someday we'll know what really went wrong for these two.

Chris Zylka with Paris Hilton

A lot of people were really rooting for these two.

From his roles in the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films and on Kaboom!, Chris Zylka has carved out a memorable film career.

He's even better known for his television roles, from The Leftovers to The Secret Circle.

He wasn't the only CW star in the relationship -- Paris Hilton very memorably played a facsimile of herself on Supernatural, which is now in its billionth season.

Paris has also acted in films, and has a powerful music career. Her cultural impact cannot be measured.

We wish them both the very best.

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