Pamela Anderson: Julian Assange Was Arrested and It's Trump's Fault!!

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Controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was finally arrested early Thursday morning.

Pamela Anderson, once rumored to be dating Assange, took to Twitter to express her shock and outrage.

She's blasting a number of countries over this arrest, and she's also pointing the finger at ... Donald J. Trump.

Julian Assange Arrested

Early Thursday morning, Julian Assange was removed from the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested in London.

His removal was caught on a video. He has clearly seen better days.

It's a complicated topic, because many feel that the specific charges on which Assange has been arrested stem from heroic deeds.

After all, he worked with noted activist Chelsea Manning.

Julian Assange Photo

Chelsea spent years of her life suffering without dignity in prison after she leaked evidence of two incidents of the slaughter of civilians overseas.

But even those who consider that a worthy sacrifice have other issues with Assange.

Among them, the accusations of rape and the role that WikiLeaks has taken as an intelligence and propaganda arm of the Russian government.

It may be that, at one point, Assange was an idealist who wanted to expose government misconduct or simply secrets in general.

Now, many believe that he has lost his way, and that his arrest was overdue.

Pamela Anderson Cries

Pamela Anderson shared a video of Assange's arrest and made it clear that she feels that this was an injustice.

"I am in shock," Pamela tweeted. "I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?"

"He looks very bad," she correctly observed.

She demanded to know: "How could you Equador ?"

Pamela then answered her own question with a claim: "(Because he exposed you)."

Pamela Anderson tweets after Assange arrest 01

Pamela also wondered openly about how the UK could arrest the man whom she regards as both a friend and a hero.

"How could you UK?" Pamela asked.

"Of course," she replied. "You are America’s b--ch."

We suspect that the folks on Downing Street would object to her characterization.

"And," Pamela theorized. "You need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bulls--t."

Her outrage about the arrest may be misplaced, but on that topic, Pamela is right on the money.

Pamela Anderson tweets after Assange arrest 02

Pamela wasn't done with her list of countries on her s--t list, however.

"And the USA?" Pamela tweeted.

"This toxic coward of a President," she exclaimed. "He needs to rally his base?"

Notably, that seems like an unlikely motive, and it also seems unlikely that Trump was directly involved in orchestrating this.

Seemingly addressing the orange in chief, Pamela accused: "You are selfish and cruel."

That's true, but not super relevant to this context.

Pamela Anderson in Black

"You have taken the entire world backwards," she correctly asserted about Trump and his regime.

Continuing to state facts, she wrote: "You are devils and liars and thieves."

"And," Pamela concluded. "You will ROTT And WE WILL RISE."

That tangent about 

Pamela Anderson at the Mic

In the final months of the 2016 election, Donald Trump referred to WikiLeaks 164 times.

Unlike when he mentions people of color, immigrants, or various famous women, he was not bringing up the organization to stoke anger and hate.

Instead, he brought up WikiLeaks in reference to illegally accessed information about Hillary Clinton's private correspondence.

WikiLeaks behaved as a friend towards the Trump campaign -- which is no surprise, given that it has for years functioned at the behest of Russia.

It is unclear what role Assange may have continued to play during his years-long asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy.

Dylan Jagger Lee, Pamela Anderson, Brandon Thomas Lee

Pamela Anderson, pictured here with her two unnecessarily handsome adult sons, has considered Assange a friend.

She has traveled to meet him during his self-imposed seclusion within the embassy.

There were even rumors that she and Assange were dating.

Her sympathy may be misplaced, but we have to stress that she's not the only celebrity who has mistaken Assange for a freedom fighter.

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