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There are unexpected couples, and then there’s whatever the hell this is.

According to The New York Post Baywatch-star-turned-PETA-psychopath Pamela Anderson is dating Wikileaks founder and international fugitive Julian Assange.

You may remember Assange for his role in stealing the keys to America and handing them to Vladimir Putin.

Pamela Anderson for PETA

The relationship is reportedly in its early stages, and not surprisingly, it’s met with a few roadblocks, not the least of which is the fact that Assange has spent the past four years holed up in the UK’s Ecuadorian embassy to avoid imprisonment.

Despite the fact that several nations hope to expedite Assange due to alleged sex crimes and cyber terrorism, Pam is reportedly smitten.

“She seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits,” one anonymous source says about Pam’s visits.

One might think that the fact that Assange has spent nearly half a decade on the run from rape charges would be enough to deter Pam, but apparently not.

Julian Assange Photo

In recent months, Assange has been in the news as a result of his alleged role in the hackings of the DNC and top Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta, and the widespread belief that he worked with Vladimir Putin to manipulate the results of US presidential election.

Curiously, Anderson has her own ties to Russia and Putin.

According to the Post, Pam "visited the Kremlin to discuss Russia’s wildlife conservation" back in 2015.

Of course, Putin’s idea of wildlife conservation is making one of those big furry hat out of the scalps of his enemies instarad, but apparently Pam isn’t picky these days.

Despite allegations of Putin meddling in U.S. politics, Pam visited Russia again in December of 2016 and stated that she’d like to become a citizen.

Pamela Anderson at the Mic

“Putin, like most red-blooded males, is a fan," a Kremlin spokesperson says about the relationship between Pam and Putin.

Okay, then.

Some might say it’s a bit hypocritical that Pam’s been outspoken in her moral objections to pornography and any diet that isn’t strictly vegan but has no problem consorting with war criminals and brutal dictators …

… and those people would be absolutely right.

Seriously, WTF are you thinking, Pam?