Mike Sorrentino and Billy McFarland: Prison Pals For Reals!!

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stars Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino recently sat down with noted plague enthusiast Jenny McCarthy.

During the interview, they reveal that Mike Sorrentino's experience in jail has included rubbing elbows with some other famous criminals.

Notably, he's become buddies with the scammer responsible for the Fyre Festival catastrophe.

Pauly D and Vinny interviewed by Jenny McCarthy April 2019 01

"Has he mentioned anything that's bad about it?" Jenny McCarthy asks of Mike Sorrentino's time behind bars.

"No," Vinny answers. "But he is in there with the guy from the Fyre Festival."

"Yep," Pauly confirms.

"And," Vinny adds. "He's in there with the guy that leaked Jennifer Lawrence's nudes."

He clarifies: "Like, that hacked her phone."

Pauly D and Vinny interviewed by Jenny McCarthy April 2019 02

"They play Scrabble together," Pauly adds.

This makes things a little awkward, as Jenny notes that this same scumbag "hacked my phone too!"

"You want [Sorrentino] to tell him anything?" Pauly asks.

Jenny certainly does.

Notorious Fyre Festival scammer Billy McFarland may be extremely famous, but clearly, the phone hacker is personal for Jenny.

Pauly D and Vinny interviewed by Jenny McCarthy April 2019 03

"I have a whole list of questions for everybody," Jenny expresses.

But her interest zeroes in on the new friendship with McFarland.

And Jenny even has some advice for the imprisoned reality star.

"Tell Mike he’s got to get as much information on the Fyre Festival," Jenny insists.

She says that, with enough juicy intel: "He can write two books."

Pauly D and Vinny interviewed by Jenny McCarthy April 2019 04

The boys agree.

"Imagine what he's learning in there," Vinny remarks.

Pauly then jokes: "He's learning how to hack phones!"

He is, of course, joking. No one should ever illegally access private photos on another's phone.

But prisons are notorious for too often functioning as places where criminals refine their craft rather than reform.

Pauly D and Vinny interviewed by Jenny McCarthy April 2019 05

Billy McFarland's Fyre Festival was a fascinating catastrophe.

It was the subject of two eye-opening documentaries.

Netflix's documentary was controversial and arguably funnier.

Hulu's doc was a deeper dive into the Fyre Festival and is widely regarded as having been more rigorous.

Honestly? Both are good, in part because the disastrous festival is so fascinating.

And because most of the victims are rich people who signed up for a rich-people-only festival, a lot of people don't feel bad about how things went down.

Pauly D and Vinny interviewed by Jenny McCarthy April 2019 06

We almost never say this, but ... Jenny McCarthy is right.

(About this particular issue ... and almost only about this particular issue)

Mike could absolutely write a book about his time in prison, and he has a massive fanbase who would be excited to read it.

(He could of course hire a ghostwriter or even co-author it if he's not confident in his ability to physically write a book; it's not for everyone)

Of course, if he writes it about McFarland, there could be some fallout.

How much does he value this newfound friendship? Is it enough to turn down an opportunity to sell a bestselling tell-all book?

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Picture

Hopefully, the only thing that Mike is "learning in there" is a hard lesson that white collar crimes are still, you know, crimes.

Vinny and Pauly were joking about him picking up new illegal skills.

It's good to hear that Mike isn't miserable over his prison sentence, but he can't genuinely be having fun.

Once he's out, he'll be happy to never again find himself in this ... situation.

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