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Tomorrow, Orange is the New Black Season 3 premieres on Netflix, which means many of us will be spending the weekend in a binge-watching prison of our own creation. 

To whet our appetites one last time before the big day, Netflix is teasing us with one more preview ot the sort of shackled shenanigans Piper and her fellow inmates will get into in the upcoming 14-episode run.

We’re guessing things won’t turn out well for Piper, as she opens the trailer with a voice-over about "the universe making [her] a better person." (That kind of talk always foreshadows disaster.)

Oh, there’s the also the fact that the season premiere is titled "It’s the Great Blumpkin Charlie Brown." If you’re not familiar with the term, we’ll leave it up to you to consult Urban Dictionary. We might be in for an act that’s never been depicted in a television series before.

But hey, no matter who gets shanked, shivved or flattened by a van driven by a runaway cancer patient, we know at least some of our favorites will be around for another bid in Litchfield.

OITNB was recently renewed for a fourth season…so don’t be surprised if Piper ends up having some time added to her sentence.