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Whether you were obsessed with the O.J. trial when it was on Court TV every day back in the ’90s, or you just discovered how truly bonkers the whole thing was thanks to the FX miniseries The People v O.J. Simpson, there’s a good chance you remember the name Paula Barbieri.

Barbieri was dating Simpson at the time the murders took place, and she was allegedly by his side at a fundraiser the night that Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson lost their lives.

Now, Radar Online has obtained never-before-seen footage that shows Simpson discussing Barbieri’s attempts to blackmail him and gain fame from the media circus surrounding the trial.

The clip below – which was shot just two years after Simpson was acquitted of murder – shows the NFL great complaining about Barbieri’s allegations against him and discussing her upcoming talk show appearance with friends.

“I can’t wait to see what Paula’s going to say,” Simpson says in the clip below.

“Paula says, ‘Well I don’t know. If it was true, that meant I was in love with a murderer.’ Whatever that meant. It’s that same old titillating [thing]."

He goes on to complain about the former model’s attempts to extort him, saying:

“They’re going to say ‘And you took no money?’ They forget that when I went down there, Paula wanted $1 million. Wasn’t like she didn’t wanted any money, she wanted more money!”

Last week, footage that revealed Robert Kardashian also thought Simpson might be guilty surfaced online.

Watch the surprising new video below.